shinin’ at shine.

so last saturday was the Native Elements single release party @ 111 Minna, thrown by none other than Boogie Events Co.

can i just say that it was the FUNNEST SATURDAY EVER.   i dont think i’ve had that much fun at a club party in such a lonnngggg time.     lemme give u the boogie breakdown.

we get there hella early.. like 10:30 and there’s no one in line.  we look for parking and circle the block TWICE.  by the 2nd time we pass by the front, the line is around the corner.   HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN? 


WTF?! and FTF?! in the hizzouse!
WTF?! and FTF?! in the hizzouse!

minna hit capacity at around midnight (500 peeps, but security clicked 750!) and the bar was jam packed in both rooms.  that means DRUNKEN DEBAUCHERY all night long.  














the main room was poppin off with DJ Digga and DJ Swiftrock spinnin the timeless hip-hop classics.  real talk, imagine 500 people with their hands up singing along to every song that came on.  it was HYPED.   












DJ Digga and his groupies.
DJ Digga and his groupies.


Native Elements threw it down in the fully catered reggae room (empanadas were off the chizzain, btw) and the vibe of reggae+ hip hop+ good peeps kept us all lifted till 2 am. 











and even at the end of the night when the walls were sweaty and it was the last call for alcohol, and everyone BOO’D when the lights came on, our drunk happy asses couldnt bring ourselves to leave.  one more song!  one more drink!  JUST ONE!  

Big Bee of Boogie Events and the BEST CROWD EVER.
Big Bee of Boogie Events and the BEST CROWD EVER.
me n the girls, of course.
me n the girls, of course.

UNTIL NEXT TIME, folks. check boogie events for the next crackin party… and if u were here and wanna find urself, check the rest of the gallery!




  1. BomBeeZy · May 21, 2009

    Thanks Rach! Appreciate the love!

  2. doowaditty · May 22, 2009

    i’m still salty as shit that i missed out on the free food urgh.

  3. ness · May 22, 2009

    forreals…1030. no line…circle back and WTF!?! VIP all day so its all good. LOL! i had fun in the car with u…since i had to babysit once we got to the club and hardly saw u. LOL!

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