rules of attraction.

Rev Run twittered this this morning. 

What type of day you have is up to you.. YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHAT TYPE OF DAY YOU’LL HAVE! belive dat!

Finding happiness is not that hard…(Remember this!!) Those who wish to sing always find a song!…

i always find Rev Run to be extremely inspirational and always on point with truth.    everytime  i say “today is gonna be a long day, ” my homie SI always reminds me,  “rules of attraction.”    its not what happens to you that determines your view on life.. but just the opposite.  how you think, directly affects how you live…. 

like the Rev says.. what type of day you  have is up to you.  and he’s absolutely right!   if you believe you will have a shitty day, you’re gonna interpret the events of that day as being shitty, thus confirming your previous idea of having a shitty day.   but if you start the day thinking that today is gonna be a great day…  the exact opposite happens 

have u noticed that bad things always seem to happen to people who complain a lot?   do now why?  its cuz they complain a lot.  lol.   they always seem to find an iota of negativity in everything and that negative outlook outshines the positive.   its not that their lives are shitty, or that they’re bad luck, or god has cursed them, or they suck at life.. its that they THINK all these things are true.  and self-fulfiling prophecy is a power that brings all your negativity (or positivity) into fruition.  

and even IF something shitty were to happen to you… its not what happens to you that matters, its how you deal with it.   its up to you to let it get u down, or just keep it movin.   and even after all the cards are stacked against you, “for me, giving up is way  harder than trying” – FD.   

as long as u  do everything in your power to create happiness, u will find it. 

so quit complaining and start living.  cuz even when its bad, it AINT THAT BAD.  go out and have a good day, cuz only YOU have the power to make that happen.


  1. doowaditty · June 3, 2009

    of course soooo true, and the best way to go. but let’s be realistic. it’s harder than it sounds. rather its EASY to do but for many hard to BELIEVE and execute. otherwise, EVERYONE would be completely content and utterly satisfied in their life. i got this lecture sooo many times from my girl kat and even though i knew she was right … i still struggled to look at life with the glass half full as opposed to half empty. and si and fd are prolly the best people to hear that shit from ‘cuz si is always fucking happy robot voice or not and fd is a living testament that if u put ur mind to it u will do it BUT (lol) for me, its way easier to GIVE UP than try. it’s the easy way out. but like they say, “nothing worth having comes easy.”

  2. LC · June 3, 2009

    You are so right (again). But like Doowaditty said that mess is harder than it sounds. I find it so hard to change my whole mentality around. Yea I’m havin a shitty day, but how do I get in that mentality to reverse the spell? That’s the part I struggle with and can never seem to get control of when I’m in a certain situation. Sometimes I’m just like today really sucks.

  3. RLV · June 4, 2009

    You’re so right, as usual. A lot of people that I’m surrounded with are so pessimistic and though we all have our bad days, it’s like, “Seriously?! It’s not that bad.”

    Life’s too short!

  4. Jenille · June 4, 2009

    Well said! You play the cards you are dealt and bluff the shit outta them! Count your blessings and move on…

  5. Gailey aka Vegas Mary · June 6, 2009

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this blog post! i NEEDED it! It’s so inspiring that it inspired me to write/post a blog as well. With all the “bad luck” i’ve been having, i now look at everything differently. I used to be the one person who was always optimistic but i dont know what happen… lately, i find myself complaining way more than i really should.

    My cousin in LA had a quote on her wall that read, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.” And i thought to myself… YES! if i want a bright future, i should LET the brightness shine through.

    omg, And yes, REV RUN has thee best inspirational quotes! I bougth his book, ” Words of Wisdom: Daily Affirmations of Faith from Run’s House to Yours”… GET IT MARY!!!

    love ya!

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