for those of you who arent versed in the tagalog language, sayang means “waste”. for example, whitney houston ruined her voice doin all that crack. (oh wait, wasnt she just crack-ish).. therefore she is sayang. the shoes that you bought that just got ruined are sayang. the haircut that cost $100 but you just saw ur single white female rockin the same shit the next day is epic sayang.

do u have a hidden talent? you better say no cuz i believe that no talent should be ‘hidden.’ unfortunately tho, most of it is. i know a lot of people who are freakin amazingly talented.. musically, artistically, great writers, humor, etc etc.. but just sit on their asses and dont do shit about it. that talent.. is fucking sayang.

me n abi are always saying “dont waste the pretty.” but what about not wasting the talent? do you know how much HAPPIER the world would be if people focused on sharing their talent with the rest of us? some people call it a “hobby” or “something they do on the side,” but the people i most admire are those who have actively pursued their passion and applied their talent to create an actual LIFE for themselves.. cuz these people are the only ones i know who are truly living.

they say “find something u love to do and u’ll never have to work another day in ur life.”  and i used to think, gosh if only i was so lucky.   but its not about luck, its about hard work.   its about honing ur skills and turning ur talent into ur craft.   its about the pursuit of happyness.   and i know we’re all tryin to get to that same place, right?

so pull ur talent outta the closet so you dont waste that shit.   or else i’ll be calling u sayang.  which is WAAAAY worse than being called ugly.  lol.


  1. mouf.piece · June 11, 2009

    *ahem* don’t play. u know u rather be called sayang than UGLY. lol. j/k. but AHEM. AHEM. read this blog outloud in the mirror 3 times when u get home. i better have ur mufuckin memoirs in my inbox for proofreading by tomorow morning.

  2. anna-liza · June 11, 2009

    Damn, you are so on point with this. I’ve totally been in this mode lately about starting up a biz and I’ve been finding random points of inspiration, this being one of them. I don’t wanna be sayang! 😛

  3. Miss.Stefanie · June 11, 2009

    You inspire me! NO sayang!

  4. Gailey · June 11, 2009

    OMG!! i was thinking about this all week and finished a blog the other night…no wasting the talent!!! You and Abi, never came at a better time to write similar blogs! haha. imma post mine too… not about wasting a talent but about pursuing a hobby!!

  5. Joyce · June 12, 2009

    “don’t waste the pretty”… i like that!

    but i think i’d rather be called wasted talent that ugly. lol, i kid i kid.

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