keep it real.

u aint gotta lie to kick it.

u really dont.   and i just dont understand why people still feel the need to exaggerate themselves to the world.   i really dont care how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, or why you do what you do.   it doesnt matter to me if your uncle’s nephew’s step-sister’s ex boyfriend knows Jocelyn Enriquez (WHO?) or if u wear clothes from goodwill or saks fifth..  you do not get brownie points for that shit.  frankly, the front is a big ass turn off.  

  and u dont have to like thai food as much as i do, or shop at urban cuz i went there last week, or wear dolce vita boots cuz i got 8 pairs, or dislike okra or eggplant just cuz i refuse to eat em.  we do not have to have the same interests or views to be friends. what matters is what u say to me, how u say it, and what u have to share with me me as far as enriching my life experiences. i gives a fuck about the petty shit.  i live life openly, wholeheartedly and often and the one thing that’ll get u FIRED in my book is being a fake or a flake. 

the people i keep nearest to me have been genuine, honest, and most importantly, true to themselves. i respect the differences in each one of my friends and having an intellectual debate stimulates the senses and being mind fucked is a thousand times better in my book than having the same fucking hairstyle or crush.  

it just annoys the living shit outta me when certain people try and sell me bullshit on a platter thinking i’ll believe them when they tell me that their shit dont stink.  “lean a little closer, see the roses really smell like boo-boo” – outkast.  nobodys perfect so why try and make me believe that you are?   just do YOU and we’ll be good.  real talk.

rant over. happy tuesday.


  1. anna-liza · June 16, 2009


  2. Miss.Stefanie · June 16, 2009

    I dont take fakeness to kindly…and I tend to weed them out fast then a whores panties dropping on the floor.AMEN!

  3. Skylark · June 17, 2009

    Let ’em know how u feel girl!! 😀

    Love the blog and I feel you on this post-fakeness is a major turn off and so unnecessary-don’t people realize this by now?!

  4. LC · June 17, 2009

    Wait you have 8 pairs of Dolce Vita boots!! Get em! Ok but forreal Preach!

  5. Sue · June 18, 2009

    RIGHT?!?! You nailed this post! Love it…preach on!

    “When we lose ourselves to someone else’s opinion, a part of us dies.” -Lauryn Hill

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