[repost from Hellz]

i love the ladies. yes i do. i appreciate females in all their sexiness. i am in awe of the woman who walks into a room and OWNS it. trust me when i say that the fellas arent the only ones lookin at the girl who’s showin just enough cleavage to make me wonder if they’re real… at the girl who’s skin is so flawless that i want to touch it… at the girl who’s hips swag so hard that i can hear actual drums in my head. yes girl, you just broke. my. neck.

and i kind of have this staring problem. soooo what? and if i get close enough, i have a tendancy to start smelling her.. from the scent of her hair to what perfume she has on to what kind of laundry detergent she uses… there’s something about a beautiful woman that turns me quasi-lesbian.

and yeah, i’m the kind of girl to kiss my friend Vanessa on the lips when we’re saying hello and good bye, and have no problems telling my hostess at the club that i think she’s absolutely gorgeous. cuz i can appreciate the female form in all its glory. and as much as i’m a hater, i’m a lover all at the same time.

but i’m not sayin i wanna BE with a woman.. im just… SAYIN.

so thank you, ladies, for NEVER disappointing me when i need eye candy. cuz even tho theres an abundance of gals who get it absolutely -100% wrong, there are just as many who get it fly-as-hell-swagga-right-brown-skin-poppin-know-just-how-to-talk-to-me-know-just-how-i-like-it-ur-turnin-me-on-keri-hilson-status-RIGHT. and thank you Dana, for being the FLYEST hostess eh-ver. i’d buy bottles from you anyday.. in fact, i think i luhhhh you.


  1. Jus · July 6, 2009

    sooooooooooooooo necessary! Teach Mair the ways Rach,… teach her well and you’ll be my best (wo)man! hahahaha Are any of y’all into girls like I am LES-BE-HONNNNNEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re so the shit right now.

  2. Miss.Stefanie · July 6, 2009

    I kiss all my girlfriends. lol

  3. Tracy · July 8, 2009

    i admire women too…my husband thinks i’m a lesbi-honest! I guess I am! i think some women look great and i totally admire them for having that “it” factor!

  4. yoshi · July 16, 2009

    more boobie pics!!! gagagagaagg 0 oops damn cast… hahahahahahha

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