love affair.

sometimes, in the midst of an ordinary life… love gives us a fairy tale. 

and in some cases, it may not be the knight in shining armor we’ve always dreamed about, or the tall, dark, and handsome prince charming.  it may not be the man who gives you a ring and promises his life to you. .. or who calls you beautiful everyday and fathers your children… or hell, it may not even be a man for that matter. 

 in some cases, the love of your life is the chick who’s always down to go out with you on a lonely friday night.  the girl who not only remembers your birthday, but plans your party.  the girl who takes the hair tie outta her hair to put your sloppy ass hair in a ponytail cuz you’re hugging the toilet after too many patron shots.   the one who, even though hasnt called u in a week, knows exactly whats going on with you.   the female in ur life that’s stood by your side and picked up the pieces of your broken heart as yet another man gets tossed to the side.  the girl who is fortunate enough to be your best friend.

i used to be a shitty friend.  as in, SHITTY.  probably cuz i was kind of a shitty person…  but i was lost.  and in my “shitty” stage, i lost a lot of good friends.  and then i thought i was gonna be alone, but new people showed up in my life that made soul searching and the bullshit easier to endure.   the old me taught me how NOT to be a friend.   and the new me gained friends who taught me everything i know about being there for somebody… they taught me that friendship = family… they taught me that LOVE is the constant.

and through all the bullshit, our connection stays strong – offering shoulders for my tears,  helping hands when i”m in need, and listening ears when i just need someone to talk to.  they keep it real when everyone else decides to be polite, but are on their feet in 0.002 seconds flat when another bitch is in my face. 

and when people ask me who the love of my life is, i smile hella big cuz its a long ass answer…  cuz the love of my life is MYSELF.. its the only relationship i’ve been working on for my entire life.  the person i’d give my life for is Adonis, cuz i never knew love until i met him.  the man i promised my love and my life to is Michael.  he’s crazy for marrying me.  and in my life, love personified also go by regular names like Cat and Tamara and Queenie and Bern.   and if i had to name em all i’d be outta breath cuz apparently, i’ve been a good girl cuz i been BLESSED with you, and you, and you. 

u see, me and my girls got this love affair goin on.  and if heaven had a height she would be THAT tall. 

sooo..  fuck a hater, fuck a snitch.  u my girl, u my best bitch.  and i love u more than ANY dick. but dont quote me boy, cuz i aint said shit.  =)


  1. Miss.Stefanie · July 11, 2009

    This made me cry. Rach you are one of the realest, kind hearted people I know. Thank you for just always being there! Great Bog Rach mama!

  2. LC · July 13, 2009


  3. Shannon from honoluuluu~~ :D · July 14, 2009

    Hello! 🙂
    I recently found your site and i just wanted to leave you a comment becuz i ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your posts! I feel i can relate with you so many times! You have such a gift for writing the way you do! You are my inspiration to improve myself, let go of non-sense bulllshet and to just live life ^___^ thank you soo much for your blogs! please continue writing<33

    • Raaachem · July 16, 2009

      Shannon — THANK YOU. =) i appreciate you.

      queen – nope, no getting rid of you. EVER.

  4. Queenie · July 14, 2009

    This is my favorite post! Mostly because my name’s on it. Lol jk

    There’s really no getting rid of me now is there?! You done made that shit permanent when you made me one of Adonis’ godmother. Hala now ur stuck with me! Lol. I LOVE YOU!

  5. Tamara · July 19, 2009

    I love-love you…and Adonis of course =)

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