my project list is ridiculously long.  but instead of feeling overwhelmed, i feel..  EXCITED.  i dont feel like i’m drowning. instead, i feel like i’m thriving!   does that make sense?     and its CRAZY.  

this post is really just for me – as a reminder, as a check list.   cuz if i put this list out there for the world to see, i gotta see em thru cuz i hate sellin wolf tickets.  lol.   motivation…

this morning’s tweet was “Honing my talent into a craft.  Turning my passion into a carrer.”  lessgetit!   

  • new site completion and launch
  • Twilight Movie Night SF edition planning (anyone wanna sponsor us?)
  • Web/Graphic design for new blog layout
  • Boogie Events Co event planning and interviewing
  • Business License/planning for new culinary/vendor venture
  • Marketing ideas for ComposurE, the hubby, and their album release
  • Working on The Book.  my book…  
  • Planning Vacations [cuz i gotta keep my chi in check]
  • keeping my blog game tight for  What The Hellz, WTF, Boogie, and you.
  • Raising the smartest son EH-VER.  [just had to add that in there.  proud mommy indeed]


  1. Miss.Stefanie · July 28, 2009

    “Planning Vacations [cuz i gotta keep my chi in check]”


  2. mouf.piece · July 28, 2009

    git it git it git it. remember, “i got a full plate in my hands – it’s a damn good thing i’m hungry!” or somethin like that. i WOULD fuck up my own quote. but whatever, i know u just as heffer status so eat up betch.

  3. apple · July 29, 2009

    wow. that is exciting. too bad i can’t b at any wtfun night. hopefully theres one nxt yr when i go to cali for a holiday. hmmmm. can’t wait for the new site/layout and the book.

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