on this week’s episode of Dr. Raaach

Its summer.   Its breakup season.  and I believe my ear has fallen off from being the girl on speed dial.  i swear i could give Dr. Phil a run for his money. 

and although i dont wanna get into detail and i dont wanna write a blog “on love and bullshit” part 2, i will leave u with the following.

– its NEVER a good time to break up.  don’t wait till after the holiday, or a vacation, or birthday.  if u need to leave, LEAVE.  ur wasting precious time for the both of you and who wants faked contentment? 

– its the same story after 6 months, 6 years, and even 10 years.   MEN DONT CHANGE.  not for you anyways [just like we wont change if they ask us to.  the fuck he think he is?] … so quit playin.  if u see something off the get go that you can’t handle, peace upp… 

– love is never black and white.  its always grey, always complicated, and always messy.   it never matters who’s right or wrong cuz in the end, ur both hurting.  stop pointing fingers, and use the opportunity to nurture ur character.   

– dont believe the hype. heartache is only temporary.  finding happiness within yourself is not.  and even tho u turn into that girl, that girl will find its way eventually

don’t build walls around your heart, but make sure to condition it to survive solely from the love that you give yourself.

– bullshit is not an obligation.  its an option.  you do NOT have to endure anything you dont want to.  

your best girlfriends and a glass of sangria will stop those tears dead in their tracks.  i will clear my schedule in a second for you.  *please excuse me now while i now round up my newly single girlfriends (yep, there’s more than a couple. something’s in the air i tell u) and have a good cry sesh while listening to this song.*

p.s. if u really want the “on love and bullshit” part 2.  read hayati’s take.   it’ll rip ur fucking heart out.


  1. mouf.piece · August 5, 2009

    did u hear the hight note i was talkin about did u did u? guaranteed to bring a shiver down ur spine or tear in ur eye … or drop of moisture on the panties lmao. *sing like this guy = unlmtd punani* hahaha

  2. rio · August 5, 2009

    Look at you and your good advice ma,, keep doin your thingggg.. i’ll pay attention to this shit whenever i manage to get into a relationship,, haaaaaaaa. xo.

  3. gailey · August 5, 2009

    LOVE the advice!! i feel ya! i’ve been getting a whole lotta calls about broken relationships as well even from all the way back in hawaii… something IS really in the air!!!??! Nonetheless, everyone can survive it. Everyone can find happiness, most importantly and especially within their selves… and it may not be today or tomorrow or the next… but someday. time is will be their best friend.

    ps. song is touching as hell…=)

  4. Miss.Stefanie · August 5, 2009


  5. Pink Diamond · August 5, 2009

    Occassionaly I manage to brows your blog from time to time and any time better yet, EVERYTIME I do its hits a spot in such a way only food can or a Di*k Can..

    I am recovery a beyond crushed broken heart from a 9 yr relaionship with a “boy” whom gave me a beautiful daughter. And let me say I am EX-HAUSTED of the emotional rollercoaster I lined for.

    This blog I swear to you I will print and post on my wall, bc I am a product of a strong indepedent woman who wants to set an example for my daughter.So when I find myself vulnerable, weak and torn please know your words will help me.

    Please time fast forward and become my new BFF bc i am over the BULLS**T!

    God will NEVER DO YOU WRONG!! SO Spread your wings a& fly..

    Thank miss
    I swear I words/blogs make me love you

    • Raaachem · August 6, 2009

      PD –

      God will NEVER DO YOU WRONG!! SO Spread your wings a& fly..

      i just might have to jack that from u one day. =)

      • Pink Diamond · August 6, 2009

        Sweetie My Main course is Prayer and God with of course the side dishes of my best friends, family, and well I hope you filled honored bc I would; & your words.

        I can’t wait for the day I am no longer sad and my hands and heart can let go of the hurt because I want to move on and smile =)

        I read your girls blog you referred and I am here at my desk with huge tears rolling down my face. My makeup is done for, all my tissue is out and I wish I could hug the two of you and just say a simple, “thank you and may your lives be filled with endless blessings” You are helping out young ladies in more ways than one so let me remind you YOU HAVE ALL TO SMILE FOR TODAY!!

        God Bless you sweetie

  6. Gem · August 6, 2009

    aaaaaaaah raaaaaaaaaaaaach!!!!! i swear, you hit the spot for me every time i read your words. when are you coming out with your book? i will be the first one in line! you write exactly what I’m thinking, in even better words than i can think.


    i am a constant on your blog, but I’m sure you know that by now! hopefully, if i ever happen to be down there during a BritoBoogie night…we can get down with the get…or you can take me on a tour to eat! i don’t care….you, me, jess and the kids…whatevers…we can make it happen.

    thanks again for the strong and enlightening words. I LOVE YOU!

    • Raaachem · August 6, 2009

      Gemmmm! lemme know the next ime ur in the bay. we’ll make it happen! lovessss!

      • Gem · August 7, 2009

        or get at me if you’re ever in VEGASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs. 🙂 I’m going to DM you my number!

      • Raaachem · August 7, 2009

        babe, im in vegas in TWO WEEKS. =) serendipity 3, a table at XS and a cabana at Rehab. HOLLA.

      • Gem · August 9, 2009

        Damn, hella MAJ out in sin city!!

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  8. leslie · August 6, 2009

    i like i said before youuur blog is my bible!

  9. LC · August 6, 2009

    Dannnnnnnnng. It is too early in the morning for this shizz. And I read Abi’s blog. Why was I crying at my desk. Wtf. It is only 9am. SMH. I can’t tell you enough… You are wise beyond your years.

  10. Angela · August 7, 2009

    yes rach. thank YOU for taking the time to play catch up,aim sessions,and talks during happy hour. the saga aint over though. LOL. hope ive been there for you as much as youve been there for me. LOVESSS you to deff.

    • Raaachem · August 7, 2009

      Gee, you have. and i THANK YOU. =) LOVVEEEEE you batch. LIFE!

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