so tell me..

when was the first time you fell in love with hip-hop?  for me, it was hearing Tribe’s Anthology album for the first time.    

Remember back in the day when we were Naughty By Nature and acting like Souls of Mischief? All we did was Kid N’ Play or be scolded by our mom or Big Daddy Kane for things like throwing a Pete Rock at a window. We used to lie on our backs, stare at the sky and pretend to see Digable Planets or dream big by wishing upon a GangStarr. Nowadays, hip-hop thinks it’s Slick Rick, making money and only concerned with being able to rock her or Rakim on the dance floor. Personally, I’d rather be taken away by true school hip-hop natives like A Tribe Called Quest, some Jungle Brothers or an X-Clan where I can listen to music that’s simply Nice & Smooth. Music that comes strictly from the mind and De La Soul. Hip-hop today needs an examination from an EPMD who can prescribe a treatment to keep it from being a Public Enemy or Black Sheep. We need Leaders of the New School to focus on various Boogie Down Productions that aren’t commercially controlled. Where have those days gone? It flew by faster than a Stetsasonic plane or a baseball player trying to steal 3rd Bass. Commercial radio makes me want to Run DMC up a Cypress Hill and scream. It’s always a good idea to give props and Monie Love to the music of yesteryear. Remember when “Yo! MTV Raps” had videos without too many special Das EFX? If things come full circle, hip hop will make a UMCs turn and go back to days when music wasn’t too Heavy D or too MC Lyte in nature.  It poses the question: how do we get back to that mental state of hip-hop’s Golden Age? It doesn’t take a boy genius like Kwame to figure it out. As a matter of fact, it’s so Eazy-E that someone from Special Ed can do it: put down the guns, relax and sip some Ice-T. Don’t degrade women, but treat them as though they were a Queen Latifah. Be Kool Moe Dee and battle with mics instead of fists. Don’t show off material wealth because deep inside, we’re all just Poor Righteous Teachers. MCs, Djs, and producers, let’s develop and promote fresh music so that we can all feel Brand Nubian all over again.



  1. gailey · August 7, 2009

    Whodini – “Friends” on the radio. late night mix tapes. Africa Bamambaata – “Planet Rock” while watching bboys breaking on cardboard floors. Guru Jazzmatazz Vol. 1…. when jazz entered the hip hop nation. =)

  2. Lorelei · August 7, 2009

    “…from ’93 til….”

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  4. Sonya · August 9, 2009

    Do you even like, hang out, or know any Black people? Or do you just like the culture but have a prejudice against the ppl who embody & created hip-hop culture? Or is it more of a “I will like their culture and music but I would not have a black person be my friend or come to my house” kind of deal. Because reading your blog-you seem to not know one black person…

  5. whymero · September 11, 2009

    Sonya has something up her ass and is seriously jealous about something….

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