i want to meet the day that cancer dies.

you already know how i feel about the big “C”.   so when a friend asked me to help spread the word about the MAV foundation and their fundraising efforts, naturally, i instantly agreed.

please join me in suporting the cause. 


Make it count. Donate to the MAV Foundation and help make a difference. Your donation will be used to fund cancer research and raise awareness amongst the community.

What you get in return:
1. a free keepsake wristband compliments of the MAV Foundation team to commemorate your good deed, that you can either claim at the fashion show event, OR if you’re not planning to attend we will ship it out to you.
2. if you donate between NOW and Sept. 16th, you will receive an invite and information on a “shopping night/art show” sponsored by Adidas in Berkeley, CA on Sept 17th. You will get the exclusive info for this special evening dedicated to those who donated to our cause. On this night the store will be featuring artwork/photography by some amazing talent, and you will receive 30% off of anything in the store, as well being entered to receive free giveaways throughout the night. We will log your personal information and when you arrive at the store location, once your identification is verified, we will give you a wristband for very special treatment. The actual time of this special event will be disclosed to you once you make your donation.

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word, donate now and reap the rewards of your noble efforts immediately! Click on the button below to donate.

THREE PROJECTS YOU CAN BE A PART OF TO HELP RAISE MONEY FOR THE MAV FOUNDATION FASHION SHOW (to ensure we make this the biggest and best show possible):

1. BARBECUE (updated 8/13)
Hosted by: Entire MAV team
Date: August 29
Location: Refugio Park, Hercules
DJ, food, games, good vibes
*selling MAV Foundation t-shirts that if purchased and worn to the show, will get you a special deal on the show tickets*
details to be worked out soon…will fill you in once everything is finalized

Hosted by: Supreme Soul (www.supremesoul.tv)
Date: TBA
Location: House of Mayhem Dance Studio, San Mateo
Instructors: TBA
Prices: TBA
*I’m going to have a video team film the routines at the end of the workshops so we can create a full production video that you can get a copy of at the actual show*
details to be worked out soon, will fill you guys in once everything is confirmed

3. PHOTO CAMPAIGN (this is the one you can take part in NOW)
Photographed by: Arturo Torres (www.atorresphoto.com)
Location: Pittsburg, CA
Date: Contact me (arnelle.lozada@gmail.com), and I’ll set up your date/time
Photo Campaign of regular people and celebrities alike, teaming up for a good cause
You will all be taking pictures with a similar theme, for MAV Foundation
Just bring $20 which will go straight to the foundation, and this is what you get…
*1 3×5 printout (on the spot) of one of your shots
2 full resolution headshot images which we will send to you online, AND
your picture will be placed in the final photo montage that will play on a big screen at the actual fashion show*

If you attend the fashion show or decide to participate in the photo campaign, you get a free keepsake wristband, compliments of the MAV Foundation team, to remind you of your wonderful deed. AND, these results will be featured on our official website (www.mav-foundation.org)! =)

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