sticks and stones.

there isnt much i have to say that i wouldnt rather just shut up and do.

i like to consider myself a writer.  even tho i hated book reports enough to change my major to business admin, there’s something about turning my thoughts into the perfect melange of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and conjunctions that will always have my heart.   i am a firm beliver in the quote “say what u mean, and mean what u say.”  

sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me… booshit! booshit! booshit! booshit!

as a writer, words are e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.   there is nothing more poignant than a well put together sentence and something as simple as hearing an “i love you” from someone that you truly care for turns my insides around and increases my heartrate faster than the best batch of candy in vegas.  

on the flip side, i am not a cry baby.  i like to think i know the diference between a genuine statement and flat out wolf tickets.  shit, i invented wolf tickets.    when i say i take offense to nothing, its cuz i know people dont put any heart into their statments on the regular… but i do.  and altho i may be a tad harsh and untactful at times (cuz i swear im funny, i SWEAR IT),  i mean what i say even on the most basic of levels.  

this last weekend tho, i found my self downright offended.   nothing was said about me personally (and even if it was i gives a fuck) but about someone whom i love.   talking shit to me dont phaze me, but talking shit about my family?   i dont take that lightly.   there is a time and place to say things and i believe grown ass folks should know the difference between being real and being RUDE.  

everyone is entitled to an opinion.  i respect that.  and everyone is entitled to speak their opinion.   i respect that too.   but if u own ur opinion enough to speak on it in a room full of people, dont lie to me and tell me that it wasnt u…  it was taken out of context?  fine.  u were drunk?  fine.  u didnt mean it?  fine.    just be grown ehough to own ur action.  cuz denying it is just plain disrespectful to me, and to ur damn self. 

realize that words have the potential to make you or break you.  and frankly, sticks and stones aint got SHIT ON ME.


  1. mouf.piece · August 18, 2009



  2. yoshi · August 18, 2009

    abi you bitch HAHHAHAHAH! – but good shit. (did i say anything to you last weekend? FACK!) lmao

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