word vomit.

have u ever been to a buffet in vegas and everywhere u turn its one of ur favorite dishes? u dont know where to turn, what to get first. so u stack ur plate with all ur favorites. fuck it, u get two plates cuz ur a sav like that and favorite foods go so well with other favorite foods. u look over and ur eating partner has stacked her plate full of roast beef and mashed potatoes. thats it. and u think to urself, “this bitch is missin the fuck out!”
so u sit down at the table with ur full ass plates, fork in hand ready to foodgasm till ur hearts content. u dont even know where to start! ur tasting the bacon mac and cheese while ur eyefucking the fried chicken, but the fried green tomatoes over there are calling ur name. so take turns eating everything, being careful not to get too full off of one thing cuz u got a whole nother plate of goodness comin atcha. you are absolutely gluttenous.

and thennn u start getting full.    and u regret getting soooo many crab legs cuz u dont think u can get to em.   and then u start feeling bad about wasting food so u just eat just to eat and ur not enjoying ur food anymore cuz all the flavors together just taste like MUSH.   u offer ur girl the leftovers but she has been perfectly content eating her roast beef and mashed.  she got 2nds and all.   

u guys get asked later how the food was, and you just say eh.  but ur girl.. god she RAVES about her experience.  how she thoroughly enjoyed her meal and u feel a pang of envy cuz ur selfish ass thought u could have it all.

its kinda how life is tho, isnt it?  u take on more and more projects, usually more than u can chew.   u try and be superwoman cuz in essence, you can handle it all.   u can DO EVERYTHING. (shit, i always think i can).   so u start doing this and doing that, all the while keeping up with this and mainting that.  but after awhile u just get tired.   tired of not having any time to rest.   tired of not being able to focus on the task at hand cuz ur too busy brainstorming about that other thing u got goin on.   just. plain. tired. 

so u push it all away cuz ur DONE with it all.  but then ur left feeling like a fucking failure cuz u started hella shit and cant seem to follow thru..  

yeah? no?  is it just me?  maybe it is just me.  FACK.  maybe i just need to focus.  and learn to say no.   and be realistic about what i can, and cannot finish on my plate.  cuz i think im about to yak.


  1. justeezy · August 21, 2009

    It’s not just you… I think what’s most important is that no matter how many things you take on, to always set aside time for yourself. 🙂


  2. rio · August 22, 2009

    Girllllllll, it definetly ain’t just you. I’m sorta the same way,, and somewhere along that process, I hafta admit defeat for one or two things. And its cotdamn irritating, one of the most irritating things in my opinion. To me, it’s a matter of prioritizing…you can get it all done, just gotta know what to start with and maybe what to leave behind. You superhero, you.

    😉 -rio

    ps. Love the new blog layout,, helllllla cute.

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