right now ima take it back.  waaaaaay back.

to a time where you had to blow your Nintendo cartridge to make it work.  to a time where you had to listen and wait all day to dubb your favorite song off the radio.  to a time where the only phone number you had was your land line and call waiting, caller id, and video chat never existed.  to a time where Saved by the Bell was the TV show of the moment and waking up early on a Saturday meant cartoons.  to a time where Aaliyah had the #1 song on the charts.  to a time where the only voice message you received was on your mom’s answering machine at home.   to a time where there was no such thing as email, voicemail, video mail, text, or IM, it was just called mail and it was delivered to your mailbox by the mailman.  to a time where there were no youtube tutorials or cliffs notes you just had to FIGURE SHIT OUT on ur own.  remember that?

technology has come a long way and it has changed my life IMMENSELY.  and somedays when i’m multitasking and need information from 6 different people, a mass email suits me just fine.  somedays video chat is almost as good as seeing my far away friend face to face.  somedays, youtube is my very best friend.  but other days, like today, i feel as if technology has stolen my creativity.  it has taken away my need for autonomy.  technology has rotted my brain, and ruined my life.

i’ve forgotten what its like to wake up in the morning without checking my emails.  i dont remember the last time i had a grand old time and not wanted to update my twitter, fb, or blog.  i never get lost in the city and have random adventures anymore because the google maps on my phone is soooo on point.  i dont remember how to enjoy my own company without pulling out my iphone and surfing the web, turning on my itunes, or scrolling thru my pictures.

technology is like, cliff notes.. for life?  and sometimes i wonder how different i’d be if i had to go about it the long way.

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