charm school.

i dont believe in being polite.  i dont believe in saying something “just to be nice.” i dont believe in not saying something “just to be nice.”  

i dont believe in telling ur friend that her ugly ass shoes are “sooooo her” just cuz she’s ur friend.  i dont believe in declining food from an acquaintance in an effort to be polite.   i dont believe in saying “he can’t handle ur awesomeness” rather than “he’s just not that into you.”

but i dont believe in being rude either.   i dont believe in being mean for the sake of being mean.  (abi, shut up.  just cuz its mean doesnt make it any less true)

i believe in being real.  i believe in the prevelance of truth.  i believe in saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  you cannot please everyone and someone’s feelings are bound to get hurt anyway so just tell it like it is, everytime. 

being ladylike has nothing to do with keeping ur elbows off the table, cooking dinner everynight for ur man, and only speaking when being spoken to.  it means defining yourself every chance you get.  it means defying every ladylike barrier put up in an effort to stunt your growth and ur power.  it means doing everything to the best of ur ability, even if u can’t do it better than he can… or she can.. for that matter. 

being classy is staying true to yourself against all odds.  its a take-no-prisoners-no-holds-bar-attitude in your pursuit of happiness.  its not just talking, its allowing people to HEAR you.  its making a statement while paying ur bills and shopping and chewing gum and feeding your child all while batting ur eyelashes and flashing ur smile. 

i am  a lady.  i am superwoman.  and i am still not polite.

One comment

  1. hayati · September 9, 2009

    lmao. as soon as i read “i am not mean” i heard ur voice in my head go “BOOSHIT BOOSHIT BOOSHIT.” lol. sorry, i’m polite BUT i ain’t no liar either. if someone cut their hair and it looks bunk, i might not say it’s ugly ‘cuz that just ain’t necessary. but i DEF ain’t gonna say “oooh girl, u should keep ur hair like that,” and front about it just to cushion someones feelings. besides, i have u to tell them they’d be better off bald lol.

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