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– GLEE.   idk if y’all know this, but i wish my life were a musical.    i wish all my friends busted out into song and dance when we’re all together, i wish people would sing me their greetings…   this is MY SHOOOWWWWWW.    i fucking love it.

Namu.   came here for Hayati’s bday dinner and i cannot stop dreaming about this place.   read the reviews.   i’d like to go back for the burger, the duplings, and the tacos please.   kim chee fried rice?  u aint gotta tell me twice.

– LOS ANGELES.   (awna, shoot me now) i never thought i’d say this..  ever.   but as of late, LA is bringing me a lot of life goodness such as:
 1. tiana.  my new “where have you been all my life” friend.  i like, love her.  yes homo.  
 2. Santee Alley.  i have my eye on you!  i can’t believe all the goodness that miss  Kimberly Tia  scored! 

3. and it will be the backdrop to my “New Moon” Weekend.    Lawn, Abi, and I have just purchased our tickets to watch the midnight showing of New Moon in the city of angels.   fuck what u heard, we’re Twi till we die…      
4. Kogi Truck.  i dont think i need to say anymore. 

– this ring.


  1. Gem · September 20, 2009

    I fuckin heart GLEE, that show makes me happy! For those who love to laugh and love musiiic!! 🙂 I got that dress too!! Great minds think alike. :p

    • Raaachem · September 22, 2009

      gem – i wanna try out for glee. real tlak, i wanna BE on this show. hahaha

  2. doowaditty · September 22, 2009

    OK so seriously i strictly went on here ‘cuz u have the best picture of the kobe tacos on here lol. mmmmm. vanessa (ur baning) better come correct with the next ladies night.

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