I’ve missed me.

“There will always be groups of people that miss you. When you’re part of so many things it becomes clear that you can’t be everywhere at one time and sometimes you just have to miss out on things. You’re probably gonna hear it for the rest of your life, and because of that you’ll feel guilty every time it’s said to you. Then instead of just taking it in, you’ll try your best to make it up to the people that you’ve been falling short on by adding another thing to your already full plate. Slowly, but surely you’ll continue this cycle till you don’t know where or how you can stop and you’ll feel the heaviness of the time you think you ‘owe’ people. But I want you to try your best to grasp this as I explain it to you, the only person that you’re going to need to ‘owe’ that time to is yourself. Like I said, someone is always going to miss you, but the real tragedy is when you’re so busy making everyone else happy that you start to miss yourself.”

Busy busy busy.   thas the answer i’ve been giving lately when my friends have been asking me whats up, and whats new.  i’ve always tried to make it a point to do everything i can, until i can’t anymore.   i always try and make sure i make it to things, and spread my time out amongst all the different groups of people i hang out with.   i try not to fall out of touch for too long, because i truly believe every friendship is worth nurturing.   

as of late, i’ve been working with a fire under my ass and have really only been able to spend my time with those who share my vision, and collaborate with me. but i’m starting to realize that you can only work so fast, do so much, and see so many people at once… last night after getting home, i didnt turn on my laptop, put my phone on vibe, let my twitter/fb/email notifications remain unchecked and had a relaxing night watching Glee with the hubby and teaching Adonis his ABC’s.  

slowing it down…. is simply FANTASTIC.   try it.

One comment

  1. bachelorettefiles · October 1, 2009

    i love the quote and i hear ya tenfold.

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