follow, unfollow

unfollowing twitter-whores = so necessary.   just a little ditty i posted on Hellz’ blog yesterday.

the one thing i love about the Hellz blog is that its very personal.  it brings its readers like you and me, past the brand, past the kick ass line, past the “industry”, and into the lives of the people behind the brand.   its always personal, always original, and always authentic.

for instance, you know that our crazy-desktop-doting-dear MissLawn got surprised with a trip to Hawaii for her and Bam’s (a.k.a. the hubby of the year! fella’s did u take note?) anniversary.  you also know that  Brittany has a bff named Spoon and dont eat meat.  and if you want Mink to eat in your cafe, be nice and dont post rude, fobby messages on the window or you’ll find your self blasted all over the internet.   shit, i bet that place is closing down soon.  

my point is, you get that understanding of WHO as opposed to WHAT.  

with the popularity of twitter and tumblr soaring thru the roof and the re-blog vs retweet feature that people so highly adore, i’ve seen an insurgence of “blogs” that are — quite frankly– bullshit.    living in a generation of internet-savvy and opinionated young people, my phone and computer have been bombarded with “i took a mean shit today”, RT RevRunWisdom:,  and this annoying girl giving me a play-by-play on her day– ALL OF WHICH I COULD GIVE A FLYING RAT’S ASS ABOUT.

don’t get me wrong, quotes are great, i use them all the time.  i wanted to cry the first time i got reblogged.  Rev Run is AMAZING and sometimes, things are so powerful, so funny, or so insanely true that they HAVE to be retweeted.   but if you consistantly base your blog on your reblog, retweet, and cosign of  other people’s shit,  then your url is just a waste of internet space.  

and then u wonder why you dont have any followers.???   no one needs more fat to chew.   create something with sustenace and people will listen.  i’m on a mission to make blogging personal again. 

and i knooooow i aint the only one on board when i say.. 



  1. Diana Vee · October 7, 2009

    I totally agree! You speak the truth sister I love it.

  2. Cooper · October 8, 2009

    I fuckin’ love you and thank you for this! Its totally true about the tumblr thing and that play by play shit kills me,OMG! So thank you 🙂

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