yesterday during my 546874354 hours of laziness i had this idea for a blog, but neglected to write it down or document it somehow cuz i’m fucking LAZY and now that i’m actually sitting at a computer to type that shit out, I CANNOT REMEMBER WTF I WANTED TO BLOG ABOUT. 


so until i miraculously have a lightbulb and remember wtf i’m supposed to be writing about…  i’ll just share a sneak peek from Saturday’s WTFundraiser.

it was amazing. amazing. amazing.  i am truly humbled to see what we can accomplish together.    big shouts to everyone who made it happen.   abi, we takin over the world.

more pictures coming, soon as the photographers send em my way.  THANK YOU. =)



Jo Koy is HILARIOUS.  youtube him.

Jo Koy is HILARIOUS. youtube him.


One comment

  1. doowaditty · October 19, 2009

    pat.pat.pat. we should just call our event planning service that lmao.

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