ya digg.

 — Brooklyn Hawaii.   This Hawaii bred photographer rocks my socks.   she just did a shoot for in4mation and their new release.

and her and the mansies are TOO CUTE. i swear, i wanna be her friend.   Brooke, if ur reading this, HOLLAAAAAA! 

— my cousin put me on to this dude last night…  his name is Urban Rage (or so he calls himself)   andddddddddd I CRIED FROM LAUGHING SO HARD.  the funniest part about it?   he’s serious!   (see if u can catch the part where he wants to lick his girl’s balls.  WHAT THE FUCK)

— this Opening Ceremony onesie.

— and this concoction from my beloved, the Kogi truck.  You’re lookin at the kimchi pastrami melt.  pastrami and kimchi that were caramelized together and then put on some toast with cheese and pressed on a grill. topped with picked persimmons and arugula and a small dash of sesame mayo. of course, can’t forget the Korean spicy pickle for garnish. EAT ON!!

—  Midnight Marauders by Fat Freddie’s Drop .  New Zealand funk/reggae/soul

— finally this shoe.  i walked into the store yesterday for some NUDE PUMPS and walked out with these babies thanks to the 2 gays who convinced me i was milf of the year with them on.   i stood no chance.  gays always win. 


  1. madkap · October 27, 2009

    that rap video produced tears in my eyes. thank you

  2. rio · October 27, 2009

    You read Brooklyn Hawaii’s blog TOO?!?!? I fuckin love her work, did a post a little while ago!
    And those shoes are hella milf status, lol. the gays’ steered you right.

    • Raaachem · October 27, 2009

      yes rio, i follow her! i lovveeee her shit!

  3. bangmoreflavor · November 26, 2009

    crazy small little world!

    been following you for awhile now, love how real you are with your thoughts. always makes me feel good to know there’s someone who can be brutally honest about life.

    anyway, brooklyn’s a friend of mine in hawaii who i did a little shoot with awhile back. she really is THAT amazing and its so nice to see her work spread and ever better to see people connecting.

    take it easy mamas. keep doing your thing, can’t get enough!


    • Raaachem · November 26, 2009

      Nicole!!!!! 1) i love ur blog, been following u too…. and 2) tell her i love her. lol.

  4. Brooklyn · December 10, 2009

    <33333 and aloha to all of you.

    Duh we need to be friends.
    So glad I found you in my links!! This is incredible, thank you for liking my work, it means so much!

    Facebook? Let's be friends?

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