Last week Hellz Tweeted that I had somethin in store for y’all. And I do! I’ve been asked to write stories straight from my book of horrors. I’m bringin u stories from around the way and i’m adding some shit talkin’ and a dash of sass in that bitch to bring you something hellza dramatic.

First entry drops  on the hellz blog next Thursday and tune in weekly to see what happens next. I wont be reposting these entries here so make sure you check What The Hellz weekly to catch it!  promise, you wont be disappointed with the Hellz Team — they always got that good shit for ya. 

DISCLAIMER: These stories, while always inspired from actual events, are in no way an entirely factual recollection. They are purely fictional and written solely for shits n giggles. If you think you know who I’m talking about, you dont. (ok, maybe you do). And just so we’re clear, HELL NO, this is not biographic in the least!

With that said, here’s a sneak peek of what’s comin at ya next week. =)


I hear the sound of my phone go off and immediately my face morphs into an expression of half-nervousness, half-guilt, and half normalcy. Wait. Thats three halves.. I’m even confusing myself and look at my girls to see if they’ve noticed my awkwardness. They haven’t. Phew.

I put my phone on vibe and check my incoming text. “Come over?”

I look over at the sender of the text who happens to be sitting in the same car and he has this smirk on his face. The same smirk he wore earlier in the night when he said I looked nice. The same smirk he worked when he asked me to dance. The same smirk I smiled back at when he bought my first drink. The same smirk that is dooming me to hell tonight.

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