expect the unexpected

cuz even in November it can still be 78 degrees in San Francisco.   cuz a cup of $5 soup can satisfy your soul better than a $30 meal.   cuz who woulda thought you’d ever like vegetables?   cuz you just found out the love of your life can be your own worst enemy.   cuz you could still end up taking the train when you hate public transportation.    cuz you never thought you’d actually want to go back to school.    cuz the same girl who you thought hated your guts just sent you a fb friend request.    cuz you’d never thought you’d stop believing in santa clause, or in religion, or even love. 

and all of a sudden u wake up and find that all of these things are true, and the unexpected becomes your reality.   and then what? 

u dont know?  cuz its just not what u expected.


  1. doowaditty · November 2, 2009

    U know u still ain’t tryna take no damn public transpo lol! And sorry 4 taking u to the “ghetto” again. I promise they have the best burritos there, THE BEST!

  2. Raaachem · November 2, 2009

    hell no i aint! but cat and i were just talking about the time when we took muni from sbc park to westfield and i got so taranta that i left my giants blanket at the ticket counter. and got a face full of armpit on the muni. WAH

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