if its one thing i hate, its the throes of insecurity.  it happens all the gadamn time but u can’t help who u love right?   u can’t help ur feelings?   all true statments but you CAN help your actions.   you think saying “hi” = “lets have sex” but that doesnt mean your crazy ass should go and de-friend every dude she’s ever met in her life does it?

“But i dont trust that dude.  but i seen her look at him for 0.05 seconds too long.  but she always answers my call.  but his joke wasnt funny and she laughed anyway.  but she offered him a drink.  but she left him 3 comments in a row on FB”  but but but BUT BUT.  Bad men excuse their faults.  Good men abandon them.

And while that quote is only geared towards those able to pee standing up, it goes both ways..   aint nothin like a crazy bitch to ruin shit for everryyoonneeee.  

the following is excerpted from Hayati cuz she always tells the truth.  and i have nothing left to say.  so here u go. 

Insecurity might as well double as shrooms, because I swear it makes u start hallucinatin. It’ll have u swearin u just saw ur man sittin shotty on the freeway with some breezy driving and just when u get home to yalls spot ready to burn all his clothes in the tub u find him snoring on the couch with drool on his pillow. It’ll have u blowin up ur girls cell phone 37 times in 10 mins because she didn’t answer ur phone this ONE time. And of alllll the possible reasons why i.e. she’s sleeping, she doesn’t have reception, she’s driving and doesn’t want to die, she didn’t hear her phone, her battery died – of course she didn’t answer because she’s secretly fucking ur best friend. Afterall, that’s y she passed the bread to him first at dinner last night right?

Might sound crazy, but it’s unfortunately not too far-fetched for some. You see, it’s one thing to get cheated on or have an actual valid reason to be checkin ur girls call log or lookin thru ur mans pockets when he gets home after the club. But one of the worse things u can do to ruin a perfectly good thing is let ur insecurity fuck up what could’ve been a beautiful relationship, especially when the problem lies within urself and not ur partner. And y on Earth would u get in the way of ur own happiness? That’s never a good look and more unflattering than anything Christian Audigier’s ever made. Well, except for this.

read the rest of it here.  and if u aren’t following her already, DO SO.

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