ya digg – holiday edition.

with christmas just around the corner and the release of the holiday collection from hellz, i started to think about what I really wanted this year.

i bring u my preliminary wish list.. shit im diggin for the xmas season.

Cult Classic.   Hellz Bellz is rockin my socks with their holiday shit.   that cardigan??  the villian jacket?   got my name on the cake and it aint even my birthday (yet!)

The collection creates a moody and subtle yet inspiring ambience through a darker holiday color palette with a sense of mischievousness throughout the collection, as well as a connection to every female’s devious side. New interesting pieces in this collection include; the ‘Villains’ jacket, a unique play on a motorcycle/peacoat with an exaggerated collar, perforated leather sleeves and wool body.



see the rest of the collection here

– this handbag by MADE HER THINK.  at a $570 price point its a LITTLE out of my budget but fuck thats why its a wish list, right?


Jamaica! Jamaica!   Caribbean vacations ALWAYS go on sale during the holidays, so trade in ur snowboots for some pristine beaches!    a 6 day Jamaican vacation is uber affordable at $599.  (thats including ur stay at an all inclusive resort AND roundtrip air people!)  pack yo bags!



– speaking of snowboots, i need new snow gear.   i’ve been rockin the same board + bindings set for 4 seasons now, and def need to get fitted up for this season’s epic snow.


– these Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots.  i. die.


ok i’m done for now. santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight!


  1. Rocky · December 22, 2009

    where can i snag these?

    • Raaachem · December 23, 2009

      Rocky, which ones are ya lookin’ for?

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