feelin kinda sunday

Sunday Funday.    Sundays are usually lazy days, but when I can summon up enough energy to shower and put on some denim, I make my way out to EAT.   Sunday brunches are the  bizness.

yesterday, we hit up one of my favorite brunch spots – Mercury Lounge.   since Jess was in town, i had to give her  a taste of sisig nachos right?    Lets break it down.

The PlaceMercury Lounge, San Francisco.   Folsom x 12th

The Hype – I’ve heard of this place only thru my friends who work the bar there late night.     My girl Kat works the bar, and the owner of Mercury is good friends w/ my sister-in-law so I was familiar with the name, and the bar.. but not the food.    My girls and I wanted to brunch it one day and we checked out the brunch menu here…  two words – ENDLESS MIMOSAS.   we were set. 


The Review – first of all, i’m a big fan of anyplace that serves endless mimosas.  ever.   thats really all i needed to hear… but!   it turned out too also serve a couple of my favorite things.  SISIG NACHOS for instance.   if you’re not filipino and dont know what sisig is, its like… a party in ur mouth.   grilled pork with onions and jalapeno, perfect over rice and apparently over nachos and drizzled with nacho cheese sauce as well.   For this one dish alone, Lawrence (the owner) is my hero.  


Also, please order the sweet potato fries!    AND the Adobo fried rice (with 2 over easy eggs on top, of course)



The Verdict –  although they serve staples like Joe’s Specials, and Chicken and Waffles, I really recommend the nachos.    like REALLY.   paired with endless mimosas, its perfect pulutan for a morning of gossip with ur favorite gals.  =)    Brunch is from 11-3 on Sundays.    Holla!

One comment

  1. Nicole · November 30, 2009

    uhmmmm those sisig nachos look so delish! Actually everything pictured above looks good. hahaha. 😀

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