bag lady

last night Abi asked me to bare my soul (a.k.a. the contents of my purse) for her.    And although I did a similar post last year, it was fun and i’m doing it again.   so Hayati, here’s the scoop hula hoop.   (u like that one, huh)

bag – purchased from metropark.  tons of zippers, and black leather – just like the rest of my fall/winter wardrobe.

wallet – same wallet i been rockin for the LONGEST TIME, EVER.  Love, Angel, Music, Baby!    first thing i see when i open it is my card for unlimited eyebrow threading for the next three months.  if you dont know, educate urself!  that shit is CLEAN.

“The Lucky One”, by Nicholas Sparks –  bought this book in Hawaii a couple months back and didnt even open it when I was there.  I was having TOO MUCH FUN with the girlies.    so, I thought I’d bring it with me to LA this weekend just in case I had any downtime.  (doubt that)  I really want to read the new Dan Brown book, but my homie let someone else borrow it, even tho I was next in ine (yes Ariel, I’m talking to YOU.  not friends until Justin returns it.  and Justin – unlike, unlike, UNLIKE)

Hello Kitty Bank of America debit card – currently stuck in my book as a bookmark because I was reading, and contemplating buying something on line at the same time.  see, i can multitask! 

Keys- for the Tahoe, my hizzouse, my mom’s house, my in-law’s house, and my snowboard rack.  all on the same Coach Butterfly keychain I’ve had since 2004.

Cannon SD1100 –  cuz i’m still a camera whore.  and I have 5468435468743574 pictures to prove it.  

Monoi Oil – straight from Tahiti thanks to my Bakeries.   It’s currently replaced my hand lotion and hair serum.  right now tho, its frozen cuz its cold, but i sit on it for a little bit to melt the oil again.  lol.  and when under the sun, slather this on ur skin for that lechon/authentic polynesian look.   3 shades darker guaranteed! 

shades – i reflect the light of my own sun.    (right, soulmate?)

cigarette case – cuz the mirrored star that holds my capri’s is sexier than the white cardboard box it usually comes in.  plus, i can touch up my lipstick on that shit.

which brings me to my lip products – lipliner in beet, lipstick in rebel, burt’s beezwax, and concealer.      cuz i wore lipstick the other day and still havent taken em out. 

mini bottled water – cuz my throat be parched like a mofo.

iphone w/ an aaron kraten/hellz cover.   my phone is my life and its lasted me almost 2 years with just a few scratches.  amazing now how my son knows how to work my phone as well as I do.   the smartest kid! 

speaking of Adonis, I have his Jordans in my bag.    he randomly likes to take his shoes off, and then put them back on again.  i dont know why but whenever he sees these he screams “SHOES!  SHOES!” and gets really excited.   yep, thats my son alright.  

and a couple things that were JUST in my bag but didnt make the pic — a tampon (cuz i’m on my rag) and a granola bar (but i just ate it cuz i’m fat). 

th-th-th-th-th-th-th-tha-tha-th-THATS ALL FOLKS!    whats in ur bag?!


  1. Arr-eeeyelll · November 18, 2009

    sorry!! i felt bad he was having a bad day.. a really bad day..

  2. Irish · November 19, 2009

    Oooooh, nice!
    BUT OMG, how did you get unlimited eyebrow threading for three months, girl?!?
    That’s like HEAVEN!

    • Raaachem · November 19, 2009

      Girl, the threading place I go to charges $55 for unlimited brow and lip threading for 3 months! Ridiculous!!

  3. doowaditty · November 19, 2009

    he doesn’t only scream rach. don’t forget the last time u told me to put his shoes on he started jumpin around for joy like jimminy fucking cricket. gah. as if u made him ALL BY UR DAMN SELF.

  4. Don't Censor Me Boo · November 19, 2009

    Censor a fister. But not a hater.

    Maybe you just don’t speak a my language.

    You be all faux gucci’ed out pushin yo blog in my busyness.

    Who the hell reads Nicholas Sparks?

    I bet you like lumpia.

    • Raaachem · November 19, 2009

      i speak english. (and tagalog, oh and some spanish too) and last time i checked, u pushin ur business on my blog. and for the record, i love eating lumpia while reading nicholas sparks. =) hi hater!

  5. rio · November 19, 2009

    i always have a notebook in my purse, a collection of earrings because when i take ’em off i throw ’em in my bag, a paint pen or two, i think i have a tooth brush in mine last time i checked?

    random, random. but cute post:)

    • Raaachem · November 19, 2009

      Rio, i used to ALWAYS have earrings in my purse. and then my son started going thru my bag and i had to take all the choking hazards out. lol.

  6. jeanny · November 19, 2009

    i have that same camera in my purse hehehe! along with peach blush, a sanrio datemate, oil blotting sheets (damn that disgusting t-zone), multicolored pens, ipoop, lancome lipgloss, mirror, keys/wallet/phone (necessities), and sour peach rings.. cus that shit is nostalgic.

    • Raaachem · November 19, 2009

      jeanny, i LOVE SOUR PEACH RINGS. omg and the apple ones.. its like, the only sour candy i eat! lol.

  7. Lorelei · November 19, 2009

    i usually have my son’s Jordans in my purse as well, he never keeps them on! Along with random toy dinosaurs, cars, straws and plastic spoons because he likes to chew on them.

  8. Bill Jenkins · March 29, 2010

    Do you have a “top posters” page to reward your best blog comments?

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