LA, ur beautiful.

I just spent the entire weekend in LA, passed out on MissLawn’s aerobed, eating Korean BBQ, and shopping till I can’t no mo’.

I almost want to move.   Partly because Lawn and Bam have been more than hospitable and I cannot thank them enough for the awesome time I had.   And also because the people in Los Angeles are so goddamn good looking.

Like seriously…  I think I could count the number of short/fat/ugly people I saw on one hand.  Everyone on the street, in the club, and even waiting our tables were at least 5′7″, thin, and absolutely gorgeous!  (Aja, yours is my new favorite face to look at… no homo. lol)

My girl Abi says that they only let us into Hyde on Friday night because of Affirmative Action.  They needed to increase the Asian population. LMAO.  and next to Lamar Odom and his table of ginormous basketball players,  my girl Anna (who stands at 4′10″) looks down right ridiculous.   I think she reached his kneecap… on her tippy toes.

I’ve never felt the urge to put on a dress and heels to hit the liquor store until this weekend and an outfit I would usually never wear until its dark outside, saw the light of day at breakfast over chicken and waffles.

It was amazinggggggggggg.   LA, thank you for emptying my pockets, filling my belly, forcing my vanity, and providing an endless amount of eyecandy.  guess they dont call it the City of Angels for nothin.

Brit, I want to see those pictures!  aaand the gals and I during our Hellz headquarters takeover.

outfit deets: outfit 1) striped top, can’t remember.  F21 blk leggings, Crooks & Castles cardigan / outfit 2) blue F21 silky romper, F21 sheer dots tights, Dolce Vita studded booties / outfit 3) Silence & Noise bold shoulder dress, American apparel Leggigns, Dolce Vita studded booties, LAMB convertible clutch / outfit 4) Hellz Bellz santo top, h&m moto jacket, cheap monday lace denimWTFangs necklace, JC 99 zip wedge (thanks jess!)

One comment

  1. yoshi · November 24, 2009

    just WAIT til you come to NY… FML…
    i like your silence noise dress1

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