oh, is THAT was she’s saying?

you’re a good girl.  you’ve got ur shit together, you dont have a lot of enemies.  you’ve got a good job, another great internship.  life is fucking grand.  but you’ve got this small problem. 

there’s two solutions to this problem, but the thing is, either way you go will either go against every girl code known to woman, or the trust built between good friends.   its a catch 22 and you’re stuck in between a rock and hard place.  what to do.. what to do.

here’s the story.

you and hot guy are really good friends.  hot guy meets hot girl. they become hot boyfriend and girlfriend.  hot girlfriend is crazy and controlling and psycho. (or so hot guy says).  hot  guy cheats with other girls, some hot. some not.  hot  guy cheats with you.  so hot.   hot-psycho-girlfriend befriends you.   hot psycho girlfriend is more of just a regular girl.  you kind of like hot girlfriend.  hot guy cheats with more girls.   you start feeling bad for hot girlfriend.  you think hot girlfriend who has now become your hot girl friend doesnt deserve shitty treatment. 

here’s the dilema.

do you stay out of it and dont say shit to this girl who is head over heels in love with a douchebag?  

or you do the girl a favor and tell her that her man is a cheating, lying, manipulative asshole and severely damage your friendship with him? 

and maybe it would be a different story if she was a bitch or actually psycho like he says she is but either way, no female deserves to be played the fool for three months let alone three years… right?   

consequently, your friend told you these things in confidence.  you’ve built a friendship over a handful of years and although you two have crossed a line, y’all are still good friends.  and even if you did want to stay out of it, you’re already waist deep in it.   you were the other woman!   YOU.  so now what?

yeah, he might have had a “thing” with her FRIEND but it seems like she’s living life without a care in the world.   but she’s also a secret druggie who, while absolutely gorgeous, majorly sucks at life.    and you don’t.  why did you have to be born with  a conscience?   or a functioning brain? 

 i can’t even begin to tell you what I would do because I’ve been the girl who has minded my business and the girl who’s broke the news and STILL felt like the asshole either way.   

and who says she’ll believe u anyway.. love is fucking BLIND.  and ignorant.  and messy as fuck.  but i do believe that doing nothing is the same as doing the wrong thing.  the thing is, how do you determine what the wrong move is?   

what would you do?


  1. yoshi · November 25, 2009

    i’d be that friend who tells hot girl what the deal is… i’d rather hurt her than see her GET hurt… by a “man” no less… yea whatever, i cheated WITH that “man,” but shit, i was tryin to get mines and done got it… NEXT.

  2. Rocky · November 25, 2009

    I’d tell her. Fasho, ’cause as cliche as it sounds, honesty is the best policy.

  3. Patrizzle · November 26, 2009

    “yea whatever, i cheated WITH that “man,” but shit, i was tryin to get mines and done got it… NEXT.”


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