Its my birthday! almost! again!

[Hayati, thanks for the dedication.  the most tender.  yes homo.]

quarter life crisis…

when young adults struggle to find their place in the world. And so, a mid-life crisis is not the only age-related crisis that individuals experience. This other crisis can be just as, if not more, devastating… It can throw someone’s life into chaotic disarray or paralyse it completely. It may be the single most concentrated period during which individuals relentlessly question their future and how it will follow the events of the past.

I feel like I’ve been quarter-life crising for years now.  literally.. years.  Its supposed to be the interval inwhich we transgress from the academic world to the real world.   somtiems i feel like i’m stuck in limbo and then reality decides to shit on my desk and i realize… i’m dead center in the real world.  i need to catch the fuck up.

fuck bitches.  get money.  

big girls don’t cry, especially NOT 27 year old ones…  lets go!


  1. doowaditty · December 1, 2009

    but its ur bday and u can cry if u want to! lol. whatever. there’s no crying in blogging! no more mindy kelly moments in 2010 k?

  2. aja · December 2, 2009

    awww ….sheeshhh…me crying…we the same age…and yes thats that been my saying for the past month…fuck bitches…just get it and go!!! time to make money and get on the grind before we are too old and regret shit!!! xoxo ajabebe

  3. annie lou · December 3, 2009 some space shit for you. read on, write on, you’re still on the right track. so don’t trip chocolate chip, as long as we’re doin right we’ll do well.

    • Raaachem · December 3, 2009

      Annie, thats dope! thats like, crazy shit it explains everything! lol. FACK.

  4. gailey · December 6, 2009

    and you’re gonna be celebrating your bday for the whole entire month!!! cheeeeee!

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