champagne wishes and caviar dreams

i’m probably gonna get a lot of shit for saying this, but… i think the person who single handedly glamourized money, riches, and fame is a fat balding british man by the name of Robin Leach. 

this yellow rat bastard brought “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” into middle class homes and put into our heads the necessity for bigger tv’s, pools in the backyard, and crystal with dinner.  paired with easily accessible credit, the booming art of hip-hop and its flambuoyant rappers, and the appeal of drugs, sex and rock and roll and we have dug ourselves into a muthafuckin  recession.

a recession so bad that my friends who were pulling in a 6 figure income 2 years ago have had to foreclose their homes and move back in with their parents.  that my brother has had to take a forced semester break from school because the classes he needed to fulfill his GE have been cut.  that my credit card companies have raised interest that i needed to get rid of them completely.  

and yet there are still people out there who FRONT like they got it like that.   but maybe they do and its their perrogative to spend their money as they please.   but is blowing 3k on a blinged out jesus piece gonna get u anything but some sideways glances and a desperate fucker scheming a way to jack it from u?  probably not. 

we’re all in the same boat!  this recession has hit me hard.   i make a pretty decent living, but with rent, a baby, school loans, 2 car notes and utilities i have little to spend on myself.  i still feel like im living paycheck to paycheck and adonis ain’t even in school yet.   so we cut back on shopping and traveling and going out.   i spend days with my friends vegging out on my couch rather than at the bar.   we opt for a homecooked meal rather than a fancy dinner out.   clothes are recycled, and sample sales and christmas deals turn out to be our very best friends.  

surprisingly,  we  still have just as much fun… with the jobless, the homeless, and the uneducated alike.   cuz even tho we still got champagne wishes and caviar dreams, we’re content with beer and fried chicken. 

when you don’t have much,  you realize you don’t need much.

and once you realize this, none of that shit matters.  bringing it back to basics opens opportunities.   so many of my friends have taken unemployment and turned it into FUNemployment.   not working for the man has given them the chance to work for themselves and they are much, much happier for it. 

not being able to make it rain ain’t no thang when ur doing exactly what u love to do.  i truly believe that in doing so, the money will come naturally.   but maybe by then, we’ll be past wishing for champagne and dreaming about caviar,  cuz we been done had it for lunch.  

money can be a bitch, or money can be your bitch.    so here’s my advice for makin the latter ring true for you.  cut the fat and the bullshit.  stop lying to urself about what you “need” and always always always save for a rainy day. 

now excuse me while i go return those shoes i “needed” for my birthday.


  1. MP · December 8, 2009

    This is soooo real and true!

    • Raaachem · December 8, 2009

      isn’t it? been workin too hard to not have anything to show for it.! wah!

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