love is gross.

a couple years back during our bi-annual trip to oahu, Mike (who was sportin a buzz cut back then) neglected to slather the sunblock on his pretty little head. after a long day of frollicking in the ocean (frollick – meaning him and his boy Topper standing in the water splashing each other’s love guts) he deduced that the tingling he was feeling wasn’t from bad hotel shampoo, but a sunburned scalp.  ouch!

over the next couple weeks, as new skin started to form and the burned skin peeled off, he would let me pick at his peeling scalp.  i kind of made it a game to see how big of a piece i could get off his head without it breaking  (think goldmember) and was absolutely delighted with myself when i would beat my old record of half my palm.

gross right?

but thats love.  love is gross, and a million other things.

love lets u fart in car as you lock the windows and blast the heater, almost suffocating ur wife.  love lets you go days and days and days without shaving but yet ur boyfriend doesnt say shit.  love lets you gain 5-50 pounds and still keep the title of “love of my life.”

and altho some people take it too far and let themselves go a lil too much, some people just fall in love and don’t give a fuck anymore.  but love sees past that.   cuz love is more than gross. its also a million other things…


  1. Arr-eeeyelll · December 10, 2009

    i think i have a pic of u picking his scalp. hahahah

  2. rocky · May 14, 2010

    which post is the one that you were talking about monogamous relationships and him or her being able to have FRIENDS of the opposite sex.??

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