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– Sade’s Soldier of Love.  super anxious for her new album to drop.

Boy’s Life.   my new favorite blog thanks to Rio.   Reminds me of the book I’ve been reading.. “Do They Serve Beer in Hell”.  highly entertaining if u ask me. 

So until I meet the girl of my dreams, basically just like my last girlfriend just better looking and not totally insane. Until she bumps into me at Whole Foods, she’s singing “Some girls are bigger than others” on her iPod and didn’t notice me reaching for the granny smith apples and walks right into my arm. Until this happens, which totally could on any given early in the week weeknight, when I accompany said best friend while he buys groceries, (I have not gotten to the grocery stage of adult hood yet, so I just roll with him and try and make eye contact, and he throws out the occasional “How do you tell which ones are ripe?” to fruit browsing ladies) Until that magic day, I will keep going to therapy and try to become a better person. One day I actually may be ready to have what they call a “true partnership with another human being.” SO, UNTIL THAT DAY, these are my adventures.

Boys Life


If I do end up sleeping with a girl that “squirts,” I will break my rules about not getting douchey and divulge all details in their entirety including iphone pics of wet spots on my bed.  Sorry. I mature slowly.

Garage Glamorous.  one of my really good friends has started slangin’ her feather earrings for the masses.   holla atcha girl.

Sinner Takes All: A Memoir of Love and Porn.    In anticipation for my upcoming trip to Sin City, i purchased Tera Patrick’s new book cuz she’s doing a book signing at this year’s AVN and i’ll be damned if i dont get a boob grab from her.   T-3 weeks and counting.

– my free time.  which, as of late, i dont have much of.   super overtime at work, christmas shopping, planning Adonis’ birthday, my birthday, my parent’s anniversary shindig and all my side projects (WTForks, Hellz, the book, and another super secret project i’m workin on with Jess and Courts) and i’m fuckin SPENT. all i want for christmas is for someone give me a second or two to breathe. 

with that said.. i should take a break.   if i can stand being away from this blog for more than a couple days, then i’ll catch u guys on the other side of my 27th birthday.   i’ll see you then, or i’ll see you another time!   HA.

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  1. bincoloni · December 13, 2009

    Lots of guys talk about this subject but you said some true words!!

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