over it.

“I’m over it”

How many times have you heard one of ur homies say that? I’m over her, I’m over him, I’m over it — whatever IT may be. And then how many times have you heard that same person bitch, moan, and complain about “it” for the next 5 months, 3 weeks, and 4 hours? Which then proves how NOT over it they are?

It happens. Cuz we’re too nice and too caring and too forgiving and too human. We miss people, we miss places, and we miss the way it used to be. When we were naive and didn’t know any better, before they showed us their ugly side or before we even cared.

While ur reminiscing on the past, we allow her to get under your skin. We listen in horror as he belittles you in front of his friends, or makes you out to be a fool when he says he’s going somewhere but u know he’s going somewhere else.

But you don’t care.
You’re over it.
You shouldn’t care.
But it stings so bad.
You care.
You’re not over it.

And all of a sudden you’re walking home crying, or staying up crying, or texting her at 1 am crying, but either way you’re still crying cuz you’re far from over it. In fact, you’re way under it and that shit is so heavy its suffocating ur soul.

Let me help u build ur bridge because I want to see you happy again. I need to.


  1. doowaditty · December 21, 2009

    bitch, stop writing bout me lol

  2. yoshi · December 21, 2009

    oh MANNNNN – story of my friend’s LIFE

  3. charbellabeez · December 22, 2009


  4. Queenie · December 27, 2009

    Have we started construction on that bridge yet?

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