keep running fatty.

i hate doing new years resolutions because i can never seem to stick to them.   EVER.  i’ll say i’m gonna do something, drastically change my life around..  and i start… but usually go back to being old, fat, and unhealthy.  or spending too much money.  idk, people don’t change for, or because of, the new year.  they change for themselves, at any given time, at their own time. 

or, if there’s a large sum of money involved.  

case in point, my friends and i have decided to do a DUBBLOCK BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE.   below is a copy of the email i sent out a couple days ago….   wish me luck and wish  me skinny.  =)

[for the record, i in no way believe that i am FAT. i do, however, believe that i have a lot to work on, and that is what i intend to do.  so pls dont try n preach that you “hate how skinny girls complain about how fat they are” or tell me i’m not “fat.”  i know i’m not.     but i’m not perfect either.    but its about PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION]

writing on the running trail next to my nbf's house.

From:  Raaachem
Date:  Mon, 4 Jan 2010 13:40:39-0800
To: Dubblock (32)

Think like the TV show, but brought into our real lives. With the Start of 2010, we all have different goals… Some of us have a little to lose, some a little more. But we are all here to help encourage and motivate each other to reach those healthy goals!

What: This is a 15 week individual weight-loss contest. The purpose of the contest is to be healthy and (of course) look good by the time summer comes around.
When: Initial weigh-in is on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6. The contest officially starts on January 10 and ends APRIL 25 … Just in time for our Dubb Summer Kick Off! (and kickball!)
How to win: This contest is based on percentage lost, not pounds lost. The winner will be determined at the official final weigh-in. The final weigh-in will be on April 25
Winnings: BL contestant entry fee is $50. Skinny people’s side bet entry fee is $25. Winner takes all. (Entry fee is due by Sunday, February 7, Superbowl Sunday)
“Skinny People Side Bet” — Skinny People have a chance to participate too in a side bet. The Skinny people pick a “fat” person to coach and motivate. Should their “fat” person win, they take home the side pot.

All BL correspondence will go up on the blog. Weigh Ins will be EVERY OTHER SUNDAY and the top three names will be placed on the blog.

Are you strong enough to take the challenge? Or will you let the rolls, double chins, and fat jokes take over ur life? Diabetes vs Diet Cokes. The Battle of the Buldge continues…The choice is up to you…

One comment

  1. krisyee · January 11, 2010

    you’re not even fat!

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