Stab Me in the Front.

The short story I wrote for December has finally come to an end.  If yall didn’t get a chance to read it, here is part 1 in its entirety.  You can find parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the Hellz Blog. 

And today, January’s short story has been introduced!  The Ex-files have been opened y’all.  stay tuned!  


Stab Me in the Front – pt 1

[The ex-boyfriend]
I sit in my car, not knowing wether to laugh or cry or scream or go punch something. I’m hurt,  I’m mad.  I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Usually I’d call Nick and ask him to drink.  But I dont think I can look at him in the face right now.   Actually, I can’t believe I ever called him my best friend.  Shoulda known his shady ass would do something like this to me.   I call up my friend Pat instead.  ”Aye lets drink.”

We round up the boys and hit up a bar at this hotel that my homies are stayin at.   My homegirl is outside smokin a cigarette and I decide I need to get some air.     As I sit with her, I am silent..  I feel like a shitty friend cuz I’m usually the goofy, funny one but tonight I have no energy and no intent of being “normal”.   And then I hear the question that I’ve been avoiding all night.

“G, you ok?  Whats going on?”

I take a deep breath and say outloud what I’ve been denying to myself. 

“Me and Marie broke up.”

“WHAAAAAT???  WHHHYYYYY?” she asks.

“Because she’s in love with Nick.  And he’s in love with her.”

[the ex-girlfriend]
“Marie.  Call me, I need to talk to you.  Please, just pick up.   I love you.”

I  stare at my keypad and wonder if I should call him back. I listen to the voicemail again.   My stomach flips.  You would think after 9 years I would be used to a man telling me he loves me, right?   But this time its different cuz its not the same man, I guess.   and I love him too, but I just cannot bring myself to dial his number. 

I am so confused right now.  I just told my boyfriend I was in love with his best friend.  I feel like such an asshole because I just broke G’s heart.  And it breaks MY heart to see him like this.   The last few months of trying to figure out what these feelings mean and here I stand.   In love with Nick.   And G.  At the same time.

[The ex-best friend]
Fuck.  Fuck.  Ffffuuuuccckkkkk. 

Marie’s not answering my call.   Maybe she didn’t tell him.  But maybe it’s a good thing cuz it might not be a great idea afterall.   G is my best friend.  and Marie is HIS GIRL.  HIS girl.  Not mine. 

But all that changes tonight.  Tonight, it all comes out.   Tonight, she tells him what she’s been telling me… Tonight, she tells him that she loves me.  Tonight, she’s no longer his girl.  And if she would just pick up the damn phone, she could maybe be mine.

Just maybe. 

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