back and on track.

i’m back from a weekend in sin city n sinful play.  i’m back from a couple gluttonous holidays paired with Adonis’ taco truck catered bday party.  I’m back from all of it, and i’m on track to live healthier… better…  i’m on track with all my 2010 projects.. (more to come on that). 

i’m focused.  can’t nobody tell me nothin’.  

signed up for a half marathon, lets see if i can get in shape to do it.  wish me luck.  =)

and for u perv’s, here’s a sneak peek from vegasssssssssss.

[thats charmaine star bitches. shes is so purty in real life. oh and yes, i did see Tera Patrick n she DID sign my book. =) ]


  1. yoshi · January 12, 2010


  2. rio · January 12, 2010

    haha i want to jetset tooo.
    pretty ass pics mama,
    we’re pervs for wanting to lurk?!

    whatevvver. lol.

    • Raaachem · January 12, 2010

      hhaha nooo i meant the pervs who wanted to invade all my x-rated pics from the porn convention. hahahaha.

  3. doowaditty · January 12, 2010

    lol ok it WAS her. cuz when i was on ur shutterfly i was like “rach’s friend looks like charmaine starr” uh der abi, uh der.

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