my current frustrations.

with men –

  • the toilet seat.   its fucking magical.   it folds UP when you need to use it, and down when i need to.   why people with penises insist on peeing with the toilet seat down and think we won’t notice the pee splatter is beyond me.   
  • how is it that all your dirty clothes end up NEXT TO the hamper, instead of INSIDE IT?
  • your jeans end up a perfect figure 8 on the floor where u left them, as if you magically disappeared n ur pants just slid off.   you’re not getting back into them.  put them away.  its been 3 days.
  • more powerful than the words “Please” and “Thank you” is the words ‘I’m sorry”.  learn about it.
  • toilet paper goes in the holder.  not on top of it. 

with drivers –

  • tailgating me won’t force me to drive any faster.  it will only cause me to abruptly brake, causing you to rear end me.   Can you say, SETTLEMENT? 
  • turn your fucking turn signal on.   it takes ONE FINGER and minimal effort to do it.  let the world know what u’re doing so i know wether or not to honk at u or not. 
  • the speed limit is 50.   why are you going 15?   I MEAN WHY?!
  • get off the celly n stop texting.  you’re driving worse than me and i’m a female AND i’m asian. 

with myself –

  • please dedicate more time into creating a healthy lifestyle. i live for food but its making me FAT. 
  • focus.  focus.  focus.   i multitask with the best of em, but its hard to let things go half ass when i ‘m rushed and/or overwhelmed.
  • step away from the cigarettes.  just fucking do it already.
  • quit fucking complaining.  (does this include this post?.  yeah, huh?)

ok. the end. 

One comment

  1. justeezy · January 15, 2010

    I successfully quit smoking for 7 hours… that attempt quickly failed when something came up (as it always does)… I just love the habit too much… is that bad!?

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