come and talk to me.

ComposurE SHININ’ at Minna.    Their return to the stage has been a long time comin’.   Don’t sleep.

i am the biggest groupie and the proudest wife.


  1. meeshell88 · January 19, 2010

    OMG! Raaach was I the biggest groupie at Minna?!? or what?! hahhaa. The club is ending and I basically attack you against the wall and tell you I love your fuckin’ blog, all while my breath is probably smellin’ like a daym long island and my burps smell like beer. How embarassing! hahaha. I just wanted to say tho, that “I fuckin’ love your blogs & writing!” ok thee end.

    • Raaachem · January 20, 2010

      haha when i saw u in the bathroom i noticed ur shoes cuz they were cute. then i looked at u like. “hmm i know this girl’s face… where the fuck do i know her from?” didn’t click until you came up and said hi. =) until the next drunken run-in… loves! hahaha.

  2. Michelle · January 21, 2010

    bathroom?! i dont remember, i guess i must’ve been faddddddddded by then. i just realized from twitter that we know a lot of the same people (jess, rob, charrie, cholo, etc….) what a small world. probably see you more often. and don’t mind me if i get all blogger groupie on you, i just love what you write and what you’re doing! i really admire you! keep on keepin’ on. love ya.

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