cruel intentions.

there are 2 types of people in the world.   there are the ones who just don’t know any better.  and then there are the ones who do, but do the fucked up thing anyway.

“i didn’t mean to hurt you.”
how quick are we to believe that?
he didn’t mean to hurt you
but the truth of the matter is
he DID.
probably more than anyone ever has.

“i meant it at the time.”
which means either he was lying then
or he’s lying now.
but no.
we got it wrong.
he loved you…then
but doesn’t love you now,
and meant all of it
but none of it.

“you mean so much to me.”
but i used to mean everything to him.
he didn’t know better?
u know what,
“i don’t give a fuck.”

“i didn’t want to hurt you.”
then why did he?
“i don’t know”
but he does know better.
and that tells me everything i need to know.

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