soooo, you’re mad?

i got asked by a friend if i thought that anger was a prelude to courage… and i said no.

and trying to explain this debate, even to myself, was a tad challenging.  cuz u see it all the time…  people get angry, and they all of a sudden get bold.  the small guy fights the big guy or ur bold enough to break up, or cheat, or some kind of bullshit like that.  u say things u dont mean to say, u do things u dont mean to do, u are someone u dont want to be.

but to me, thats not courage at all.. thats just bold stupidity.    anger is such a passionate and irrational emotion which provokes a passionate and irrational reaction.  and i dont think courage is passionate nor irrational at all.

courage is rational, stable, logical, and unwavering.  courage is not about being afraid, but about doing the right thing anyway.. and the right thing almost always has absolutely nothing to do with pacifying your rage.

anger is like a drug.. it poisons hearts, souls, and intentions.  its unpure, and evil in its purest form.    so the next time you’re angry and decide to do something bold or “courageous”,  make sure your reasoning is just.   make sure that you’ll be able to look back and not have any regrets and most especially, make sure whatever it is, its absolutely worth it.

cuz 9 times outta 10 anger don’t make u look courageous.  it just makes u look like a gadamn fool.

(i realize that as of late, i’ve failed to produce anything post worthy, and for that, i apologize.   i’m in a writing funk and im tryin’ to get out.  thanks for bearin’ with me)


  1. yoshi · January 19, 2010

    yea… i still don’t know whether i’m just an angry little asian or a courageous little asian…

    • Raaachem · January 19, 2010

      its ok, i’m just angry and stupid. hahaha.. ain’t even gonna lie.

  2. themaykazine · January 19, 2010

    There is actually biological research (Hi, I’m a nerd.) identifying the chemicals we produce when we’re angry as the same as the chemicals we produce while we’re high on The Drugs. Same with love, too. Love makes ya high, which is why we also do stupid shit when we’re smitten.

    Also explains the power of Liquid Confidence in alcohol. Anger, love, drugs, firewater…same thing.

    • Raaachem · January 19, 2010

      not surpring. see u sundayyyyyyyy

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