The Gentleman, The Philosopher, The Pervert, and The Rebel

Otherwise known as GPPR,  the fam at Hellz has done it yet again..  Summer 2010,  I’M READY! 

Hellz always surprise me with all the projects going on. For awhile now, we’ve been getting numerous amounts of requests for a separate tangent of clothing targeting the male dominant demographic…it totally makes sense though. Hellz is not just a woman’s brand, but a lifestyle brand. Hellz caters to the art world, electronic world, and (I love this part) the mens world.

From the great minds that have brought you Hellz, comes GPPR

The Gentleman, the philosopher, the pervert, and the rebel. All embodiments of the manifesto for this line. It appeals to the young sophisticate, who opposes the idea of authority and caters to the artistic and design world…”blurring the lines between those pencil pushers and the know-it-alls.”

Ladies, you are now able to dress your men in GPPR…enjoy!

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