hala ka diyan.

i wrote this post on the Hellz blog last week about spaking ur children and oh BOY did i get a response.   from agreeing with me, to completely disagreeing with me and calling me “disgusting”… i got a lot of heated, heartfelt comments about it.    you can read the original post with all comments HERE.  lemme know your thoughts?  i’m interested in your take on the matter.  

isa! dalawa!

Posted by raaachem on January 22nd, 2010

shit.  whenever i heard my mom counting, i knew i was in trouble.  in fact, i was gonna get my ass beat and there was nothing i could do about it. 


jess put me on to this article in hearty mag:

Debra Danielsen, mother of Farrah Abraham who stars in MTV’s reality series Teen Mom, was arrested yesterday for domestic assault. According to the Omaha World Herald, Danielsen was standing three feet from Farrah holding two knives and screaming when the police entered their Iowa home. Danielsen refused to comply with police orders to drop the knives and the officers drew their guns on her. Reports state that Farrah and her mother had been fighting over childcare issues and other “problems”.

where do i even begin?  long gone are the days of my youth, where anyone older than you could discipline you by kicking your butt (strangers, and family members included).  

all my aunties, uncles and older cousins had every right to discipline me when i’d get out of line, and please believe they did.   i even remember the principal at my elementary school would spank kids everytime they would get an infraction.

hitting children was just the way it went.  it was discipline and it was soooo necessary.  how the fuck else were we supposed to know how to act right, right?   

then came the day when some smart-ass-all-kinds-of-wrong-kinda kid figured out that spanking could be misinterpreted as child abuse.    maybe, if he told people he was gettin’ abused by his parentals, he could then do whatever the fuck he wanted without gettin’ belt marks on his ass.    to say this was the start of a slippery slope that has ended with kids killing kids, kids getting pregnant, and kids simply running amuck is an understatement.  

as a parent myself, it kills me to spank my son’s hand or his butt when he’s doin’ things that he’s not supposed to do.   and altho i believe Farrah’s mom did a LIL TOO much, i truly believe Farrah needed SOME kind of discipline.  do you see the way she talks to her mom?   no kinda respect whatsoever.  

as a child, i understand all too well…   but i also understand that the prospect of getting hit with a belt, a slipper, or a hanger scared me shitless and kept me outta trouble.   it made me come home at curfew, do the dishes and my homework, and never ever ever talk back to my parents.  ever. 

regarldess of your position on child spanking, it works.  timeouts, and grounding and alla that shit works too.   but i put $100 that Farrah’s parents never spanked her as a kid…. and they wonder why she’s the way she is.  psh. 


  1. rio · January 27, 2010

    yo, i understand this. i was spanked,, Oooh a messican mother can get a temper flaring when her child is doing wrong.
    No kids yet, but this will be apart of what i do what it comes around. gotta help your kid gain some understanding, because in the real world there’s worse out there than a spanking, and only gets that way as you get older. ha.

    • Raaachem · January 27, 2010

      i’m sayin. i ain’t beating my child, but trust me when i say he’s gonna know what a spanking is.. thanks rio. =)

  2. Harryboy · January 28, 2010

    I feel that shit. I always said to myself growing up that I would NEVER hit my kids. Believe me when I say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and they get out of line, I’ll have to lay a bit of a smack down to get their attention.

  3. Eun Ji · January 29, 2010

    ‘…dapa! ‘

    F’reals, though! The minute my lola started counting and said that, you knew you were gonna be in for it. I even remember being 5 or 6, trying to frantically put on several pairs of So-ens before, just so that it would cushion the impact of the backscratcher/tsinelas/hand/belt/etc.

    I agree w/you 100%. Being occasionally spanked didn’t do me any harm. As a child, of course I hated it: it meant a sore ass. But the pain was temporary, and the lessons it taught me led me to not make the same mistake again! My mom and lola weren’t big on the grounding thing, and you’d have to have done something really bad to be spanked, but you knew to think twice before doing it again.

    • Raaachem · January 29, 2010

      DAPA! oh no. thats when u knowwwwww…

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