today’s lightbulb came in the form of an AIM conversation. 

[10:03] annnaaa: How the heck are you?
[10:03] Raaachem: lol. so busy
[10:03] annnaaa: I feel like i havent caught up with you in forever.
[10:03] Raaachem: SO FUCKING BUSY
[10:03] annnaaa: Just on Twitter
[10:04] annnaaa: Busy with what?
[10:04] annnaaa: Your life is so cool!
[10:04] annnaaa: haha
[10:04] Raaachem: busy with work!
[10:04] Raaachem: hellz!
[10:04] Raaachem: mav!
[10:04] Raaachem: life!
[10:04] Raaachem: working out!
[10:04] Raaachem: potty training!
[10:05] annnaaa: All thos are good and fun.
[10:08] Raaachem: yeah
[10:08] Raaachem: but i just feel like i have no time
[10:10] annnaaa: That’s the best though.
[10:11] annnaaa: Time for what? Aren’t you doing everything you love anyways?

huh..  ain’t nothin’ like my girls to bring reality to the forefront.   i’m doing everything i love anyway.   Anna, you’re right.   lets keep doin’ work. Thank you.  =)   I’ll see you, and the city of angels sooner than later.  DWS!

One comment

  1. Anna · January 27, 2010

    I heart Raaachem!!!!

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