iii know u like to think yo shit don’t stiinkk

but lean a lil bit closer, see the roses really smell like boooo booooo – outkast.



my current fb status says this:
coworker – why do you nbring a bottle of water to the bathroom?
me – cuz i wash my ass when i take a shit.
her – u mean to tell me, u wash ur ass EVERYTIME u take a shit?
me – u mean to tell me u DON’T?
both – gross.

it’s not the first time someone’s been really surprised with my hygeine habits.   in middle school i was the only filipina girl in my class… NO ONE understood what the fuck a tabo was, and i could not comprehend the idea of a “skid mark.”   i just didn’t get it.  

“why don’t you just use toilet paper?”  well why don’t you just wash ur ass!?   

as i got older, i started to appreciate the culture a little bit more… cuz i was always fresher than the next bitch.   and my ass never itched!   (you know who the fuck u are!)   anyway, i know not everyone washes all the time, and when i can’t, them baby wipes come mighty handy.   but please… don’t knock the tabo.  contrary to popular belief, skid marks are not your friend.


  1. annie · January 28, 2010

    testify. i am soooo with you on this.

  2. Anna · January 29, 2010


    Gah and hugas-ing after sex is crucial too….If you aint gonna ligo. I mean dont you feel the slime dry up and pussy crumbs afterwards? Or am i just a wet girl? haha

    • Raaachem · January 29, 2010

      hello you HAVE to wash after. as much as skid marks arent our friends, UTI’s aren’t either! haahaha. and i am DYING at ur dry slime and pussy crumbs… DYYYIIINNGGGGGGGG.

  3. Eun Ji · January 29, 2010

    Seriously though!

    When I was growing up, we always used a tabo! When my puti friends would come to my house and see one of these things lying around, they’d ask, ‘Why do you have an ice cream container in the bathroom?’ (Mind you, it was the 80s, and ice cream containers were still made of plastic and were small) Of course, I’d use the Filipino word…I mean, how the eff do you explain what it is?

    I use tabo at home. To avoid having to explain to people who 1) aren’t Flip; and 2) I don’t want to talk to anyways/don’t like, I use baby wipes.

    TMI? Lol

  4. altizzzzzzy · January 29, 2010

    ohhmyygawd you had me rollin w/this!! sooo freakin true. i got a tabo in every freakin bathroom at my house.


  5. Maxine · February 3, 2010

    LOLOLOL! tabo ftw!

    Except the tabo in my household is a small beach bucket you used to put sand in for the beach -_-

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