i was laying on my yoga mat last night, drenched in my own sweat, exhausted — mind, body, and soul.  as i finally let my body relax and my mind let go after a 90 minute session of bikram yoga, it clicked.

this.. silence.  this.. quiet.   this peace is so necessary.

most of the things we do in our day to day life is habitual.   we put little to no thought into the things we do, we put no effort into them, shit, we can do them with our eyes closed.   we do what we’re supposed to do, when we’re supposed to do it and we do it well.  Cell memory?  I think that’s what they call it.

needless to say, for the most part, we’re neither fully aware nor fully present doing any given task.   what does that say about our output?    if we reap what we sew, and we’re just doing things just to do them.. do we have a right to complain about how shitty things are?  

my yoga instructor challenged me to take a second to  be aware of my efforts in my everyday life.  and after it’s done, take a minute to wind down, let it go, and find some peace.   

i’m issuing the same challenge to you… GIVE IT YOUR ALL, AND THEN LET IT ALL GO.     

lets see how this “cycle of energy” stuff works.


  1. madkap · February 10, 2010

    exactly! that’s what i love about bikram is after the session or workout. you lie there and everything comes into place and you think and slow down.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying bikram!

    • Raaachem · February 12, 2010

      yes mike, thats exactly what happens. the clarity is fuckin’ tight man. i’m feelin’ it.

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