baby talk.

looking at adonis, i feel a sense of amazement, accomplishment, and a bond so strong that not even edward cullen could break.   its a little bit disgusting when i hear girls say they want to have a child for one reason or another… all of them selfish.   here are some of the more ridiculous reasons i’ve heard on why women get pregnant. 

– to keep a man in a relationship.  love and relationships arent always cupcakes and sunshine.   sometimes shit hits the fan, sometimes you love him more than he loves you, and sometimes you can see the end before it comes.   having a baby isn’t gonna turn your situation into a fairytale.   it might actually turn it into an episode of jerry springer…   new baby in tow, watchin’ your baby daddy leave your bed and crawl straight into someone elses.   doing this risks the chance of him not loving you anymore, but instead resenting the hell outta you for not letting him leave in peace.    u know how they say “when a woman’s fed up, there ain’t nothin u can do about it?”  yeah well, men work almost the same way, they just don’t like to admit it.  

– to feel “loved”.   so Daddy didn’t love you as much as he should have.  and mom was always working.  having a baby will give you something to love who will love you back regardless, right?  WRONG.   babies are not band-aids for your life.    they are a lot a lot A LOT of a hard work.  yes, the love is far beyond any love you’ve ever felt, but it doesnt come without a lot of sacrafice.   you are responsible for a LIFE and your selfish reasoning isn’t gonna put food in that child’s mouth.  

– cuz babies are the new accessory.   ok SERIOUSLY?  i heard this come out of a girl’s mouth as i was talking to her about our kids recently.  needless to say, i wanted to slap the pretty girl in the fucking face.   who says that?!    accessories go out of style… BABIES ARE FOREVER!  or at least, for 18 years.  

– cuz ur friends are having babies.  u hear about that pregnancy pact?  17 high school pregnancies in the middle of nowhere, America, due to some promise that these young girls made to each other.   Altho its fine and dandy to want to do things with your friends for that “cool” factor, or maybe even that “sisterhood” factor.. having a baby really ain’t on that list.    shit, go to the movies, paint each other’s toe nails or braid each other’s hair.   cuz after they leave ur house and the slumber party is over, your homegirls arent gonna be the ones getting up at 3 am to feed your child.   

-cuz u want to grow up.  no u don’t,  i fucking promise.   i would give anything to relive my childhood — it was the most amazing time of my life.   you don’t want to miss your childhood cuz ur worrying about another.   i mean, Michael Jackson didn’t have a childhood and we all know how he turned out.  (rest his soul.  still got love for u MJ)

point blank, no one is really READY for a baby until it happens and even then, its scary.  but do it for the right reasons… nothing is more beautiful than a happy home and a happy childhood.   i have my parents to thank for everything i have and everything i am… make sure your child feels the same way about you, ok?


  1. kat · February 12, 2010

    Real talk, Raaachem. Being a mom is fucken hard work. People under estimate how easy we make it look, but don’t realize how difficult parenting really is. I can’t believe someone would ever say that a baby is the new accessory! Just like a fashion trend, a baby would go out of style, and you sure as hell can’t return a baby to Nordys. Kudos to us.

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