givin’ up.

death by bikram last night was quite eventful.   as i was walking in the studio, i noticed this behemoth of a woman, in my little sister’s shorts, a bush under her arms and more rolls than the local bakery.  just as i was about to pull my phone out and snap a pic, the bitch did a standing split.


i can barely touch my fucking toes and this hippo is as flexible as a gymnast. needless to say, i put my phone away and took my moded ass to the back to change.

for lent, i have vowed to give up TALKING SHIT (along with rice and MAKEUP!).  lets see  if i can keep  this blog from becoming very very boring.  lol.

what did u give up?


  1. michelle · February 18, 2010

    bikram yoga? been hearing about that lately. seems intense. your posts always have some comedy in it, I love it.

    giving up talking shit, rice, and makeup…kudos to you WOMAN! good luck 🙂

    this year I’m giving up cigarettes, meat/pork, shopping. I think I’m going to fail on the shopping one tho. i know you gave up cigarettes last year…was it hard? i’m already thinking about how hard I’ll be feenin’ for one when I go out with the homies and they all step out for a smoke break. Lord have mercy jesus. hahhaha

    • Raaachem · February 18, 2010

      michelle, cigarettes are HARD to give up. especially if all ur friends smoke. i was going CRAZY. lol. good luck babe!

  2. Sue · February 19, 2010

    LOL about the standing split-ing hippo! Props for the bikram yoga…shit is hard.
    Good luck with the shit talking, rice and make-up….YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  3. Hannah · February 22, 2010

    i gave up make-up as well, it’s so hard! but RICE … RICE! really? you must be insane, atleast TWO of my daily meals consist of ulam + rice.

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