the chase.

endless mimosas on a sunday with my gals equal lots of catching up, lightweight shit talking, and raunchy conversations.   after hearing story after story on whats going on in their lives, their friends lives, their enemies lives (cuz facebook makes everyone a stalker), and beyond — i got to thinking.

i knew the chase was important, but i failed to realize that for some people, the chase is all consuming.   and for some girls, its not about chasing dick, its about chasing love.  but sometimes they dont see the difference between the two (its a twisted state of conciousness, i know).

i heard the story of a gal who chased her dude to different cities across the country in hopes of staying with him.   mind you, he never invited her out, never made it clear that he wanted it to work with her.  she has convinced herself inside and out that he is the one.   she feels as if she’s found the love of her life, when he’s just along for the ride.   and she’s probably fuckin’ him even though he has a girlfriend or loaning him money cuz “he only trusts you”… please.  it’s not that he’s lying to her, but more that she’s lying to herself.

or how about the guy who’s crushed on the same girl for twenty seven months.   sent her roses on her birthday, whisper sweet nothings into her ear, buy her drinks at the bar, hugs her too tight and flirts with her every chance he gets.   then he fucks her and he’s in love. AHA!  success! and because women can’t separate sex from their feelings, she falls in love too….  except she really falls in love and he really falls in lust.  although it took twenty seven months to get into her pants, it takes him twenty seven minutes to tell her that it ain’t workin.   why?   cuz she’s been conquered and there’s another bitch to chase.

don’t hate the playa, hate the game. actually, hate the chase.

i know i’m making gross generalizations about men and women, and not all women are stupid and not all men are assholes (Reptar, i’m talkin’ to you) but for the sake of argument, humor me for just a second.  there has to be at least ONE person in your life that fits the shoe, right?   thats what i thought.

they call it “falling in love” cuz that’s exactly what you do… FALL.  you don’t chase, you don’t lead, you don’t follow, you don’t jump, you fucking FALL.   the only things that are meant to be chased are money and the ice cream truck.   love ain’t a trophy and neither is your heart.

like they say, “you will always lose money chasin’ bitches, but you will never lose bitches chasin’ money”  i’m just sayin.


  1. Rio · February 24, 2010

    words of truth, spoken per your norm! I hear that. Moreso, I’m learning that.

  2. ReptarParker · February 24, 2010

    Okay okay, yeah I know guys like that. There’s alot of guys out there like that. Which is exactly why nicer guys have to speak up.

    The only reason I responded like that in the last post is because I constantly find myself in a world of generalizations. I’m half black and to this day, I still get stereotypical assumptions made of me. “You play basketball yeah?” “Where’s Roscoe’s at?” “When is Kwanza?” I’m so serious. No I don’t play basketball, I don’t fuckin know where Roscoe’s is (at the time I didn’t), and I don’t even know what the fuck Kwanza is about.

    Then for guy shit, “You watch figure skating? GAY” “You like Twilight? GAY” “You never told a girl you liked her? Nigga you’re a pussy” “You call/text her good morning/goodnight every night? only little bitches do that lol” Yeah I watch figure skating, that shit is sick. I love Twilight and I’m not gay. I’ve never told a girl that I’ve liked that I liked her, until I knew I wouldn’t see her again or after my liking for her was gone. I’m shy about that shit. Even the girlfriend of two years that I have now, I never told her I liked her, we just felt it. And yes I tell her good night every single night. I don’t have to, but it makes her feel good and I like making her feel good.

    While I was broken up, a homie’s girl was on my shit. Made a grab at my pants and told me that, “if the door locked, I would have been fucking you already.” And a little after that, she tried to kiss me. And she’s fuckin hot too. But I denied that bitch and I left. Some guys can have sex on a silver platter in front of them and still have the ability to make the right decision. It’s because of people making generalizations that we (guys who aren’t pricks) have to speak up or else we’d be forgotten. We’d be fictitious characters referenced only in romantic comedies.

    So am I sensitive? With my girl, yes. Am I a Pussy? Nah, I just eat it.

    • Raaachem · February 24, 2010

      i get it too. i’m chinese, a bad driver, and short. i hear it allllll… so i understand. i have this draft that i have yet to finish about “not being the rule, but being the exception”…. maybe you should write it instead. lol.

  3. ReptarParker · February 24, 2010

    I JUST woke up and my dream was kind of ridiculous. There was a part were you and two other girls were at my friends house and after I told you something, you said “Like, oh my gosh, you should totally blog that” (for wtforks) and then I said “It has nothing to do with Twilight tho!” and then you all laughed and started eating MY food. Needless to say I went from happy to incredibly upset. I was in shock that you were eating my food, you didn’t even ask or anything, you just started eating it!

    I had to write that out before I forgot it lol. But yeah I’ll leave the writing to you and your crew. You guys are funnier lol

  4. doowaditty · February 25, 2010

    oye oye oye in response to “falling,” it’s true. even if i forget sometimes. if u have to question it, red flag. if u feel like ur being strung alone, u probably are. if u feel like something wrong, there probably is. ‘cuz love is NOT complicated. PEOPLE ARE. it should never EVER be so complicated. “it could all be so simple … ” tell ’em l-boogie.

  5. Quentin Tomehak · March 17, 2010

    Some time ago my girlfriend broke up with me, after 4 years relationship.

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