Generation Prude Meets Generation Rude.

I was talking with my mom about the subject of gay marriage and my 100 year old grandma side-busted on our conversation and started talking shit. Full-out-wash-your-mouth-bonafide-shit talking.   I was taken aback cuz my sweet lil’ ol’ grandma was spewing profanity usually reserved for my or my brother’s stupidity.   

Not that she hates gays, nor anyone for that matter.    But she was pissed off because “the world is so different from when she grew up.  What’s right?  What’s wrong?  Where’s Up?  Where’s down?”    Betcha by golly wow, my lola has a valid point. 

You see, my lola was born in 1909 and she didn’t know any gays.  She also didn’t walk around in miniskirts and tops with low necklines.   She didn’t stay out of the house past 8 pm, and she DEFINITELY didn’t have sex before she got married.   None of her friends got pregnant at 15, nor snuck out of the house to sleep at their boyfriend’s.   “Fucking cunt shit” was not part of her everyday vocabulary, and the word “bitch” was not a term of endearment. 

I, on the other hand, am guilty of all of the above.  

*Bless me Father, for I have sinned.*

My grandma used to always get mad at me for little shit.   She’d always tell me my stomach would hurt when I wore midriffs (it was 1998, ok?) and scold me for being at my boyfriends house.  Looking back, she also wasn’t afraid to tell him he was ugly… to his face.  (ok, so he kinda was, but i was in love!)  

My parents are less old fashioned — my mom had a tranny bridesmaid at her wedding —  but thankfully are a comfortable medium between my lola and my MTV generation.   So what happened in between her generation and mine that has created such a fucked up general moral compass? 

Shit wasn’t perfect then either tho… Blacks, Women, and Gays weren’t treated equally nor civilly (and still don’t, but that’s another post in itself).  and I get it..  shit goes out of style.  But does self respect go out the window too?   Since when has it been “normal” to have a 5th grader talk about blow jobs?  

I don’t know wether it has to do with the media, the fact that I live in the most indulgent country on the planet or a culmination of both;  however, the mere fact that kids are having kids, killing kids and stealing their mother’s boyfriends speaks volumes to me.   Maury makes a living entertaining America with these stories while we tend to disassociate because the people on TV are somehow less real than the people next door.   It’s crazy to realize that they are one in the same and frankly, its a sad state of affairs.

If our kids are acting like this, I don’t even want to know how their grand kids will turn out.  These kids should meet my lola.   She’d give em a good curse word or two.

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