my Bakeries.

if you know anything about me, you know i keep good company.  one of the people very near and dear to my heart is my BAKERies…  she’s the kind of girl you wanna throw bricks at because she’s so goddamn beautiful.   she’s the kind of girl you can’t hate because she’s so fucking hilarious, and she’s the kind of girl you’d go to hell and back for…  or hawaii about 27 times.  

i’m a big, sappy, ball of love today and thinking about her impending move has me all choked up.  over the last 8 years, she’s been nothing short of an amazing friend.   and altho SF has grown too small for her big dreams,  home is where the heart is.   

lets take a trip down memory lane… back when neither of us wore makeup and your ass couldn’t drive.      when we DROVE our asses to vegas and counted down to 2002 on the strip.   when i’d scream ur name at ur many competitions as you took first and then overall–  you’re still the best dancer i’ve ever seen.    when we had convos about rabbits and pek pek holes over the last supper at cha cha cha.   when you almost drowned me parasailing and i almost saved your life snorkeling.  when i went to hawaii with you.. and when we went again… and again… and again.   when we planned our birthdays on that damn partybus and you spilled your shot in my shoe.  (it’s ok, i forgive you.)   and all our endless conversations about life, love, and everything in between..

save a spot on ur new couch for me cuz i’m comin’ more often than not.  remember, igotchu.   

I fucking love you, Baker.   major. 


  1. BIGGESTBAKE · March 9, 2010

    oh my rachelface. the move is coming sooner and sooner and sooner.. shits getting real serious but im only like 300 or so miles away! bright side – rack up that mileage!
    anyway, ive been in love with you since 2002 where we met and were both introduced to Dub.. you were my partner.. and still are. theres never a dull moment with you.. full of laughter.. drank.. and LOVE. we have endless memories.. and i mean MEMORIES that i’ll never forget. the pekpek showcase in hawaii with stephs toilet paper, so many dinners, parking lot pimpin days at westborough park.. and you saved me from drowning in Hanauma Bay.. HOW? you can’t even SWIM!! oh ya! your MEAN ASS FLOATER! i cant even think because there is JUST SO MANY memories. nonetheless, i love you Rach with my whole heart and am so grateful to have been blessed with a friend like you. you have helped me more than you know as you were always there when i needed you. most of all, you kept it REAL. we’ve all grown up since our non makeup days.. SO many ugly pictures to prove it! but we’ve grown up and you’ve grown into a beautiful woman.. beautiful mommy at that for giving birth to my husband Adonis who loves to lift up my shirt to expose my hives. HA! im proud of you and your accomplishments thus far.. REAL TALK.

    i love you and will always love you. my move wont separate us at all.. we have that type of friendship that if i never talk to you for days, months, years.. shit will never get old.. and our friendship will always remain the same.

    i love you big vagina.

    • Raaachem · March 9, 2010

      i’m crying now you fucking whore. urghhhh…. see u later. i’m still tryna take ur class before u leave. pencil my ass in.

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