the flowers are blooming in Hellz.

It’s motherfucking springtime…  and Lawn never ceases to amaze me with her releases.   I got a sneak peek at the Hellz Bellz Spring ’10 line the last time I was in LA, and honey lemme tell you, I’ve been peeing my panties ever since.

Please believe everything here will soon be in my closet.  Check the new line here and the new and improved site!   Go ‘head Lawn…  

Hellz is proud to present our new Spring Collection, “Obsessed with You,” a collection photographed by Brooke Nipar and modeled by Xian, that reflects an obscure view of modern fashion and the obsession that it becomes. A minimal color story reflects the theme of obsession with the main focus on the unique and simplistic details of each silhouette.  The Killa, in particular, is a cowl neck tunic given a hint of seductiveness through the use of a subtle zipper detail at the back of the dress.  An exciting new take on the traditional blazer is Coat Tailz,  which features a circle cut and a unique draped back.

With this new and daring collection, Hellz continues to cross boundaries with well thought-out design and carefully crafted details as well as demonstrating that fashion may be work to some and it may be a hobby for others, but for popular culture it will forever be an obsession.






























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